Here at The Work Crowd we want to try to simplify your freelancing like. We have put together some FAQ’s. If you would like to know more then drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

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All applications are approved and vetted by our friendly team of Community Managers to ensure that only the most talented freelancers are part of our community. We request references from all new community members before accepting them into the network.

This means we can assure companies that they will only encounter true professionals they can trust.

If you have received an invitation from us, a member of our community, or would simply like to express an interest in joining, please register today and with a few clicks you can complete your profile.

If you would like to chat to one of our community managers first we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 0203 828 8440.

A great profile will win you more project work!

An informed, considered and ‘rich’ profile will better display you and your skills and will ultimately mean more clients are interested in engaging with you.

These are our top tips.

  • Photo: Include a photo of yourself. Candidates with photos are more likely to be engaged. If you are camera shy upload a favourite place instead.
  • Payment: Do include your payment details so we can pay you. After all, no one wants to work for free!
  • Your pitch is what the client sees first so make sure you succinctly sum up who you are, your key skills, and value proposition.
  • Uploads is where you can really have some fun! Include case studies and examples of work you have previously done. You can direct clients to these which saves you time providing examples of work to those interested. At the very least include your CV!
  • Tags: Tag your key experience and market sector so we can match you to the right projects..

Tags are what match you to projects. If you don’t tag your profile our clever computer bots can’t match you to projects and your profile won’t be found by project owners!

You ‘tag’ your areas of expertise, key skills and industry sectors by ticking the relevant choices.

You have the choice to say that you have some experience or if you have a lot of experience and are a true specialist you can tag yourself as an expert.

Please tag accurately as this helps us get you in front of the right projects and the right projects in front of you! There is no point tagging skills you don’t have as it will just make you look bad later down the line.

Freelancers don’t pay a penny to join and can start taking advantage of our great benefits from day one.

We only charge a service fee once you win a project. This is a 15% + VAT of the invoice values to the client. This covers the cost of marketing, running the site and allows us to offer support before, during the course of your work with a client.

Our system automates the process for you!

Invoices: You generate invoices via our automated invoice system. These will be sent from you to the clients billing details and you will be copied in. Simply provide us with an invoice title and the value of what is to be invoiced and we will do the rest for you!
My Clients: Once you have been ‘ booked’ by a client, you can generate invoices to that client, in your ‘ my clients’section. Invoices can also be edited and deleted from here. 
Expenses: You can add expenses and attach any necessary paperwork connected with these ( we do not charge our service fee on expense costs) 
Personal invoice number: You can add a personal invoice number if you need invoices as part of an invoice run. 
Time-sheets: If your client requires a time-sheet, you can download one from your TWC account, complete it and attach it with your invoice. 
Funds received: Funds are paid into a dedicated client account. Once received, you will be notified and your client asked to release them. 
Payment terms: We recommend you invoice upfront, with funds held in our client account, until the work has been completed. However some Clients may have other payment terms and some may not be able to pay upfront as a result of this. Please use your own discretion on accepting different payment terms. Funds are held securely in our client escrow account until the client releases them so once you have completed the work please remind the client to do so.
You can provide an indicative rate range on your profile page which will give a project owner an indication of what you charge.

Top tips:

  • Do ask the project owner what their budget is from the outset.
  • Be clear about how you work, for instance, will you charge on deliverables, daily rate or monthly retainer.
  • Brands tend to prefer an agreed fixed monthly fee based on a statement of work. Agencies tend to work with daily rates for an agreed period of time.
  • Make sure you manage the client’s expectations; what you can deliver, to what deadline and for how much.
  • Take into account our 15% + VAT charge, this is calculated based on the invoice value, you invoice the client. When quoting the client what you will charge/invoice, do take into account we will take 15% + VAT of this.
  • If you aren’t VAT registered, divide what you need to earn by 0.82 to calculate the charge out rate to cover our service fee.
  • If you are VAT registered divide what you need to earn by 0.85 to get a charge out rate to cover our service fee. You will be able to claim back the VAT we charge.
We do not charge for bank to bank transfers. We will pass on any costs associated with money transfers using third party platforms, such as PayPal or international currency conversions. These costs vary, but usually range from 1.9% – 3.4% + transaction costs.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We only want to take up your time if it’s for a project you’ll be comfortable in and excited about. Hang on in there. Two might come along at once!
We provide a Community agreement, which outlines our Community contracting principals which all parties must agree to adhere to when joining our community.

We realise that this will not cover all eventualities. It is to the discretion of both the freelancer and project owner should they deem an additional contract is necessary, you can agree and load this into your project message board. We will send you a template agreement when you are selected for a project, which you can review, amend and use if you feel this is necessary.

Members of our network can access our community agreement by signing up or logging on.

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We want to ensure companies are matched efficiently and cost effectively to trusted and flexible freelance talent. Below are some commonly asked questions. Should you have more, then call us on 0203 828 8440.

Our trusted network provides cost effective and flexible PR, Communications and Marketing support that meets your business needs, delivered by industry validated freelance professionals.

In a few clicks you will be matched and connected to right talent to fulfil your retained and fixed term project and business requirements.

We provide an efficient, transparent, and cost effective way to connect and communicate directly with your freelancer and manage projects, with inbuilt invoicing, and payment release. Approved, professional talent. No recruiters. No worries.

* Instant access: to industry validated, professionals in PR, Communications and Marketing.

* Trusted Professionals: We only accept the best freelancers into our community, with references taken prior to approving them.

* Account management: You will be assigned a member of our team as your account manager. We provide a free ‘concierge ‘service to answer any questions you might have and to help guide you through the process.

* Cost effective; Working directly with your freelancer through The Work Crowd can typically save you between 15-50%

* Industry specific knowledge; By using intuitive algorithms we will match you with the right freelancers to meet your business needs and connect you immediately to get your project started.

* Saves time: No spamming, no need to spend hours filtering and no recruitment fees; what the freelancer quotes is what you pay!

* Payment protection: You take advantage of our payment protection gateway to ensure a smooth delivery. Once an invoice is paid funds are held in a client escrow account until you release them. This provides security for both sides – you that the work will be completed, with payment to the freelancer made only once you are happy with it. For your freelancer that if they do the work they will be paid. This is why we recommend to freelancers that they invoice upfront. However, if you are not comfortable with this please discuss with your individual freelancer.

This is how extraordinary projects are created and delivered.

Simply click the button below to create a profile and publish your project.

We want to connect you with the right professionals to get your project underway as quickly and simply as possible.


Once your project is live one of our community managers will be in touch to discuss your project needs and help get your project started!

If you would like to have a chat with one of our team first, we would love to hear from you. Please call on 0203 828 8440 or email moc.d1604082824worck1604082824roweh1604082824t@oll1604082824eh1604082824.

We thought we would share our top tips for creating a project so that we can connect you to the right individuals quickly and simply.

  • Tell us about your project: The name of the project is the first thing a freelancer will see, so sum up what or who you need clearly.
  • Detail: The more detail you provide, the easier it is for us to match you!
  • Budget: Be realistic about your budget, no one wants to work for free. You can indicate what day rate you are prepared to pay, monthly retainer or the total budget you have for a particular project depending on how you wish to structure things. Giving some indication of your budget will avoid time being wasted and will help ensure you talk to the right freelancer that meets your budget needs.
  • But I don’t know what I need to pay? If you are unsure about what you need to pay, then do think carefully about what you need your freelancer to do. Provide a clear brief of what your business does, what you are looking for your freelancer to deliver and what outcomes you are hoping for. You can then create a shortlist of suitable freelancers and if needs be ask them to put a project proposal together, so you can more easily select the best individual that meets your business needs and budget.
  • Tags: These are the key skills, experience and market expertise you need. They are also how our clever computer bots connect you to the right people to meet your business needs. Only tag the key skills you are looking for to get the best match!

Once you have created your project, you will have the option to filter your search further if needed.

  • Use the resources section! The more your freelancer knows about you, your brand and what you want to achieve the more they will be able to help you! You can also use this section to load a job brief and more detailed information about the skills and experience you need.
  • Call us! Most importantly we are here to help, so if you need some advice we are always happy to hear from you. Please call on 0203 828 8440 or email moc.d1604082824worck1604082824roweh1604082824t@oll1604082824eh1604082824
There is no cost to join, to post a project or to be matched to suitable freelancers, that meet your business needs.
What the freelancer quotes you is what you pay. Simple!

We charge the freelancers you work with a 15% + VAT service fee, based on the gross invoice value of the invoices from the freelancer to you, to cover our services.

If you hire one of our freelancers as an employee on a permanent basis or would like to work with them off platform, we charge a 20% + VAT good faith estimate of what you anticipate paying them over the next 52 weeks from when you notify us this is what you would like to do.

We do not charge you for bank to bank transfers. However, we will pass on any costs associated with money transfers using third party platforms, such as PayPal. These costs can range from 1.9% – 3.4% + 20p per transaction.
We recommend putting together an accurate brief and spending time on project planning prior to when the project starts. This will ensure that both you and your freelancer understand the project objectives and there is a clear brief to work from. We also suggest breaking down your project into smaller tasks, with the first task being the smallest and seeing this as an opportunity to review your freelancer’s work and decide if you wish to continue.

In the case of a dispute, our administration team will look to assist with dispute resolution between you and the freelancer where all communication has been clearly documented on our platform and clear milestone deliverables have been set and agreed. Please refer to our community agreement and please call on 0203 828 8440 or email moc.d1604082824worck1604082824roweh1604082824t@oll1604082824eh1604082824 for more information on dispute resolution.

In the unlikely event that we do not have a freelancer in our community that fits your exact requirements we will find one for you!

Please call on 0203 828 8440 or email moc.d1604082824worck1604082824roweh1604082824t@oll1604082824eh1604082824 and we’ll look to assist you as best we can. We can often connect you to a freelancer within 48 hours.

Top tips:

  • Consider your high priority skills. By changing your ‘tags’, a different selection of freelancers will be suggested.
  • Some freelancers have their profile marked as ‘unavailable’ but still have some availability or up and coming availability so it is still worth contacting them to check.
We understand that you may wish to agree a separate agreement specific to business with your freelancer. Simply load this onto your project message board once agreed.

Our Community agreement outlines our contracting principals, which all parties must agree to adhere to when signing up to the platform and at the commencement of a project. We realise that this will not cover all eventualities and it is to the discretion of both the freelancer and project owner should they deem an additional contract to be necessary. Community members can access our community agreement by signing up or logging on.