How to charge for freelance work

Conversations about money are never particularly comfortable, so when it comes to valuing your service and expertise (and ensuring you can pay the rent!) many freelancers find it a nerve-wracking experience. Getting it wrong can come back to haunt you, either when you’ve committed to a project paying peanuts, priced yourself out of the market, or left the client feeling short-changed. So, what’s the best approach on how to charge for freelance work?

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Why a professional copywriter is worth the investment

Written communications are a vital part of any business, particularly in the digital age. Websites, blogs, email marketing, product copy, and everything in between, there are a whole host of areas where you need some good old-fashioned words, to explain, engage and persuade your audiences. And that usually means hiring a professional copywriter.

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Freelancing, transforming the way we live – Amanda’s story

“I am a huge advocate of freelancing and believe it is the future way of working – not just for parents, but for the growing number of professionals whose lifestyles don’t fit with the typical 9-5. It’s about changing the way that businesses think, and it’s about investing in talent that may otherwise slip through the net.” -Amanda.T

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Freelance insurance? What you need to know.

Whether you’re a new freelancer getting set up, or an old-hand looking for more security, organising the right freelance insurance is an important investment. There are various options out there, to protect both your business, yourself, and those most important to you. So, to help you make an informed choice about which policies you need, we’ve taken a look at the different options available and most important issues to consider before you purchase.

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