Event: Building Freelance Talent Pools

Its no secret that freelancing is on the rise and many experienced individuals are opting to work in a different way! Like it or not, businesses need to rethink their talent management strategies and work out the best ways to work with freelancers if they want to continue attracting the best talent. There might also be many added benefits too! Read more

From in-house to independent: Annebeth’s success story

Quantifying the impact of PR can be difficult, but when you come across a true PR expert, there’s no doubt that they are making an impact. Here at The Work Crowd, each month we seek out these individuals to get insight into the secrets to their success and then we pass that knowledge along to you.

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Event: Influencer marketing with the PRCA

Influencer marketing is on the rise globally and for good reasons. Between the launch of the GDPR bringing about massive changes to data regulation and nearly 90% of consumers trusting online peer reviews more than traditional advertising, marketers are looking at external influencers for a direct line to customers.

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Livetree on freelance teams and growth

It’s an exciting moment when your business makes it through the start-up phase unscathed. However, the next stage of scaling presents its own set of unique challenges. You can only grow as large as your resources permit and whilst a single freelancer may have been more than sufficient for your marketing and PR in the early days, you’re now ready for more extensive support.

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