8 steps to building an engaged online community

A lot of brands struggle to build a online community and find the value in social media, not least start-ups and small businesses. With numerous social channels to manage and so much noise to contend with, it can feel like a lot of effort for little reward – particularly when you’re short on resources.

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How to kick-start your Freelance Career

A freelance career is all the rage, with talented professionals up and down the country branching out in search of a more flexible and fulfilling way of working. The UK now has an army of around 2m freelance workers – up 43% since 2008 – as technology, online tools and co-working have made setting up on your own easier than ever.

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5 brilliant influencer marketing campaigns to inspire you

Following last month’s blog on how to get started with Influencer Marketing we wanted to inspire you with some examples of brands doing it well. The following campaigns are sure to get those cogs whirring and spark ideas of how it could work for your brand, or one of your clients’.

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7 ways to put the ‘free’ in freelancing

Before going freelance, you no doubt had an image in your mind of what it would be like. There you’d be, in your home office, or a funky co-working space, working on your own terms, with clients you like and feel passionate about. The stresses of corporate life would be a distant memory, as you enjoyed the freedom to head out for a long lunch, pop to the gym mid-morning, or catch a museum in the afternoon. It would be the ideal lifestyle.

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