Six Steps to Becoming Disability Confident

On 23rd June, Alice Weightman, Founder and MD of The Work Crowd and Hanson Search, along with the Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson MP and the diversity champions, TfL, met with the top HR and recruitment minds to discuss how to become disability confident and why it’s good for business.

From that discussion, Weightman’s experience launching The Work Crowd, and resources compiled by the Disability Confident campaign, we’ve put together some best practice guidance on how to make your business more inclusive and disability confident.

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Embracing diversity helps attract top talent

Diversity of all kinds is good for business. Many businesses actively promote diversity inclusive hiring practices or even positive discrimination because of the benefits it brings to their business:

– Increases creativity – more varying opinions, perspectives, solutions to problems.
– Increases understanding of the diverse customer base and the world we live in.
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Adam Hallows: Freelancing Stories

While at the very same Stories for Start-ups workshop Ellie Hoy just wrote about (read here), I had a terrifying thought. I’m not creative.

The workshop’s host Rob Grundel had set us a very simple challenge: ‘Imagine your future’. Pretty simple right? Use your creativity to imagine where your future self will be. Easy peasy.

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Stories for start-ups: The Work Crowd Stories

Yesterday I went to a very interesting workshop at Google Campus. I sat on a giant pink bean bag for two hours and learnt from Rob Grundel about the different stories that start-ups can tell to help them build their brand, give them a personality, show their values and connect with their target audience weather that be their customers, clients or investors. Here are some of my attempts to write some stories about our start-up, The Work Crowd…

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