10 tips from Mike Butcher on pitching your story

Last night The Work Crowd and a plethora of other startups, scale-ups and business people met at WeWork’s beautiful co-working space in Moorgate for an evening with Mike Butcher; Editor at Large of Tech Crunch, to hear his story and top tips on how to get your startup’s story out there!

Mike is unabashedly honest and outspoken…

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Maite Caballero Tomas: Freelancing

Before becoming a freelancer I worked for a European Public Affairs consultancy in Brussels for 9 years and specialised in sustainability and environmental issues.

One of the campaigns I worked for was a waste legislation campaign for Coke where the public affairs strategy reflected on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach to waste and pollution.
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Bootstrapping PR: A Guide for Small Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur in the process of launching or building your small business, you likely don’t have a vast supply of money to put towards advertising. You are (rightly) spending most of your money developing your product or service – the core of your business.

But how will you promote your business if you don’t spend loads on advertising? If you are offering something unique, PR is your cost-effective solution.

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