Is your pitch deck ready for Web Summit 2015?

Web Summit is the tech event in Europe, and it’s kicking off in less than six weeks. Aside from the world’s most innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies, over 1,000 of the 22,000 attendees will be experienced investors.

If you’re a first-timer to Web Summit, there’s a lot you need to do to get ready. For a start, you’re going to need a great pitch deck to tap into that money stream, because the competition will be huge.

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Top tips for Web Summit 2015

With only six weeks until the Dublin Web Summit, are you and your business ready to be the best you can possibly be?

Knowing what to do to get ready for Web Summit could mean the difference between meeting the right people and getting the investment your company needs to launch the next major phase of your business, or getting lost in the crowd.

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The “War for Talent” is on!

There is much talk in the recruitment industry about the “War for Talent”, who’s winning it, and what they’re doing to make a difference. But with a booming global start-up culture, and many success stories akin to the Zuckerberg genre, the #TalentTussle is something many of us are now engaging in. The majority of small companies in the UK last no more than 5 years, according to research. If you make it though, the rewards can far outweigh the risks.

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PR is everything you need for your brand

As Bryan Haviland recently wrote in an outstanding article on why PR is everything in brand management:

‘Boards of Directors, top-level executives and brand managers take heed: If you don’t yet have a PR counsellor in a position of power within your organisation you’re playing Russian roulette with your brands reputation.’

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