How to be a time management ninja

The freelance life has its perks. The freedom to work when and where you please. Being your own boss. Picking and choosing the right projects for you. But, a successful freelance career doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication and organisation to make it work, so you can truly attain the work-life balance and flexibility you’ve dreamed of.

Unlike full-time employees, as a freelancer, you’re on your own. Nobody to call on for support if you’re overloaded, or to whom you can delegate that pesky admin. You have to manage everything.

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8 secrets to working with freelancers

So you’ve found your perfect freelancer and you’re all set to make a splash with your PR and marketing – high five! So, what now?

If you’ve never worked with freelancers before, you could find yourself in uncharted territory. How do you make sure you get the most out of the relationship and the results that you’re looking for? Should you bring them into the fold like a normal employee, or keep them at arm’s length?

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