Cathy White’s Top PR Hacks

Friday morning we attended a “PR Hacks” breakfast event led by Cathy White, Head of Communications at Tech City UK. Partnered with Rise London, Cathy’s advice for start-ups looking to gain PR advantage for their brand was fresh and accessible for start-ups at various stages of growth.

As the modern PR landscape continually evolves, the following tips remain a valuable source for the implementation of successful PR strategies.

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Building your freelance brand

We all have our favourite brands. Those businesses that we trust, identify with, or that make us feel special. We reward them with our custom, our facebook likes or retweets. We go back to them again and again because we like what they do and what they stand for.

Just as businesses have carefully cultivated brands, developed to appeal to their specific target audiences, so individuals do too, with social and online media providing unprecedented opportunities to influence how the world perceives us.

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Content marketing on a bootstrap

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last couple of years, you can’t fail to have noticed that content marketing is kind of a big deal. Named 2015 word of the year (yes, there is such a thing) by America’s Association of National Advertisers, $5.2bn was spent on content marketing last year, with a 25 per cent increase expected in 2016. So, while it may be a trendy buzzword, it’s also becoming a core part of the marketing arsenal.

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