How can freelancers help support international expansion?

In many ways it’s never been easier to trade abroad, with technology and globalisation enabling businesses to cross borders with relative ease. And with ‘Brexit’ just round the corner, companies are being urged to explore overseas opportunities more than ever, with the aim of ensuring the country’s continued prosperity and influence on the world stage – with or without the EU.

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Dreaming of the nomadic lifestyle?

It’s a dream job, right? Having the freedom to travel the world, while continuing your career and receiving a regular pay check at the same time. Simply setting up your laptop at the nearest beach bar when you need to catch up on emails, or do a few hours’ work. The perfect lifestyle!

Well, what used to be a far-fetched dream is increasingly becoming a reality, with more and more freelancers turning ‘digital nomad’ so they can combine the best of both worlds. There are now over 10,000 freelancers on digital nomads, the social network dedicated to this new breed of worker – showing it could be easier than you think. Read more

Most common start-up PR mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

PR is one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote your start-up or small business. Without the financial outlay of advertising, there’s lots you can do on a tight budget, from building your social media community, to contributing articles to relevant media or blogs, or announcing the latest company news.

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