Scaling your PR and marketing with a team of freelancers

In the early days of your business, an individual freelancer is perfect for your marketing and PR needs, giving you top-notch expertise and fantastic results, at the fraction of the cost of a full agency. But as your business starts to scale, and your needs evolve, it’s natural that you’ll be on the look-out for more extensive support.

The default route for many businesses is to say goodbye to the freelance model and instead opt for a full PR or marketing agency, or bring a permanent in house team, that can provide the diversity of skills, manpower and expertise required. But while for some, these are good options, many find this is a big shift from working with one freelancer, often with higher fees attached.

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PRCA raising standards in the PR and comms industry

To celebrate The Work Crowds partnership with the PRCA, we interviewed Steve Miller; Director of Memberships and Partnerships in London to find out more about how the PRCA have been supporting the public relations and communications industry.

We know the PRCA exists to raise standards in the PR and Communications industry. Since your inception what are key initiatives that the PRCA has supported to achieve these goals?

We’ve led the ongoing fight against the NLA, involving a five-year legal battle that was won at the European Courts of Justice in 2014. The NLA continues to hinder our industry by imposing costs on the sharing of copy, both between colleagues and otherwise. This is something that the PRCA will continue to stand firmly against.

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Something’s ‘Brew’ing…

Andrew Clough, Founder of co-working space, The Brew, talks to The Work Crowd about his inspirations, ambitions and why he loves supporting start-ups and freelancers.

What was the inspiration for setting up The Brew?

It was more accidental than inspired, but that’s often the case with a lot of businesses that supply a genuine need.

I’m a publisher by trade, and before The Brew, I set up three B2B entertainment mags, so I was very much a media type of guy. I sold the magazine company in 2008, and all the staff bar three went to work with the new publisher.

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Working with your pet? Enter our competition!

If you enjoy the luxury of having your pet with you during a work day, we would love to see it!

To enter, post a photo of your pet enjoying the benefits of an owner with a flexible lifestyle on Twitter or Facebook using #ItsADogsLife @theworkcrowd

Win a Christmas stocking filled with dog food, treats, a hand-crafted, made to measure dog collar and chew toy! Generously donated by our fantastic partners!

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The Benefits Of Working With Your Pet

With busy schedules, work commitments, long commutes and restrictions on taking pets into work, not everyone has the ability to enjoy the benefits a pet can bring. As a freelancer it is much easier to have a pet as you can manage your own schedule, choose to work in pet-friendly working spaces or even work from home! Pet ownership has a number of proven health benefits, including physical, mental and emotional improvement. Read more