30 Percent Club welcomes our founder

We are delighted that 30 Percent Club has welcomed our Founder and CEO Alice Weightman. Having long been involved in equality initiatives, particularly around gender equality at senior levels in the PR and Communications industry, this only strengthens her commitment to improving gender diversity in the higher ranks of business.

This also follows the launch of the 30% Club GCC Chapter a regional effort of multi sector leaders working regionally towards better representation of women on boards and in senior level positions.

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Questions to ask when interviewing freelancers

There are lots of good freelancers out there, but with a variety of skills, experience and expertise to choose from, finding the right one isn’t always easy. That’s why interviewing a shortlist of candidates before making any decisions is so important, so you have a clear idea who is the best fit for the job.

The right questions ensure you’re both on the same page regarding the requirements of the project, as well as flagging up any potential issues or areas you need to think through in more detail. It also gives you an opportunity to understand how each freelancer works and make sure your styles are compatible.

Here are some key questions to ask:

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Creativity hacks for solo workers

Finding that creative spark can sometimes be tricky when freelancing by yourself. With nobody to invite to a brainstorm, or bounce ideas off, you can sometimes find yourself bereft of ideas and inspiration. Just you, your computer screen and a looming deadline!

That’s why it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve, to get those cogs whirring when the creative block strikes. We all get stuck in the same way of thinking about clients, topics or issues, and we sometimes need to jolt our brain to think differently.

These simple techniques will give you a cerebral shortcut to new ways of thinking and have the ideas flowing in no time:

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The missing ‘link’ – Linkilaw

Start-ups in early stages of growth can be left vulnerable without the right legal support. That’s why Linkilaw, the legal platform for start-ups, is on a mission to provide expert, affordable advice to young companies.

We had a chat with the team at LinkiLaw to find out more about what inspired the business and how they match fledgling companies to exceptional lawyers.

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