Media coverage: tips from the pros

PR consultants have seen it all. They are no stranger to adaptation when navigating the media and have years of experience under their belt.

Following our blog, Want to see your business in the media? we asked two of our fantastic freelancers for their personal top tips, expert advice and mistakes to avoid when achieving media coverage for clients.

Howard Bowden, Senior PR consultant and Media Trainer

Is there a common mistake consultants make when trying to get coverage for a client?

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Risky Business: Interview with Digital Risks

Digital Risks is a new insurance brand, focused entirely on the needs of start-ups and freelancers in the digital and media space.

We spoke to its co-founder, Cameron Shearer, about the drivers behind the business and the risks that businesses and freelancers need to watch out for.

Where did you get the inspiration to start Digital Risks?

I was working for a technical advertising company in Australia when I realised there was a need for a new type of insurance company. Read more

Best co-working spaces for freelancers

Co-working has revolutionised life for freelancers, providing funky and flexible work space, that won’t break the bank. More interesting, inspiring and sociable than a home or private office, co-working can also be good for business, with opportunities for networking and collaboration on tap (not to mention free coffee!)

There are over 150 co-working spaces in London alone and they all appeal to a slightly different crowd. Size and location can have an influence on the vibe and culture of a space, as can the services, support and events on offer. So, it’s important to check which best matches your style and way of working before signing up.

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Want to see your business in the media?

So, you want to see your business in the media?

We all know the feeling. You’re flicking through the latest edition of your favourite trade magazine, or scrolling down the page of a popular start-up blog, when suddenly you spot one of your competitors quoted in an article that is perfect for your target audience. And you’re not in there! ‘Why them?!’ you think, and immediately vow to do something about it.

And you’d be right. Getting your brand into the media – whether that’s through blogs, trade magazines, regional press or nationals (aka the holy grail) – can have massive benefits for your business, whatever your size or the industry you operate in.

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