Interview with Nick Trueman of Digital Workshop

Digital Workshop has kindly been offering our community discounts on their interactive, insightful seminars for the past year.

We decided to have a chat with the founder, Nick Trueman about his inspiration for the business and how freelancers and companies alike can benefit from attending Digital Workshop seminars.

What was a key inspiration for Digital Workshop?
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Five start-up PR stunts to inspire you

Getting your start-up noticed isn’t easy when you’re competing with big brands and big budgets. Sometimes it takes doing something a little bit crazy to cut through the noise.

PR stunts are a fantastic way of capturing the attention of the media and raising the profile of what you do. They don’t have to be expensive, but the best ones are creative, brave, and a little bit shameless!

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Tricky client issues and how to cope

In an ideal world, all your clients would understand what you do, listen to your advice and be encouraging and appreciative of your hard work and results. But unfortunately, the reality doesn’t always match up to the dream!

Part of being a freelance PR is dealing with different personalities, client challenges and occasional hiccups, accepting these as part of the job. The most important thing is to recognise and address any problems as soon as possible, before they get out of hand.
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