Industry Insights: Mark Terry-Lush of The Honey Partnership

Alice Weightman, the CEO and Founder of The Work Crowd, is conducting a series of quick-fire interviews with some of the top professionals in the marketing, public relations, and communications world.

Alice sat down with Mark Terry-Lush, co-founder and MD of The Honey Partnership. The Honey Partnership is a social-led, China-inspired marketing agency. They have a reputation of making super brands while helping them seize opportunities to grow and globalise.

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Six steps to successful Influencer marketing

Despite being labelled ‘a fad’, ‘bull’ and ‘a bubble that’s about the burst’, influencer marketing isn’t a new idea. After all, brands have been partnering with influential individuals for years to promote their products and services. It’s just that, up until recently, it was known as ‘celebrity endorsement’.
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