Building trust into freelance insurance with Sherpa

Let’s be honest, nobody gets excited about insurance.Yes, it’s necessary but we’ve all been there on the phone, pulling out our hair! And the problems can be ten-fold with freelance insurance. But what if we told you, everything that drives you crazy about insurance, is changing? Now that’s something we can get behind.

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Building Freelance Talent Pools

Its no secret that freelancing is on the rise and many experienced individuals are opting to work in a different way! Like it or not, businesses need to rethink their talent management strategies and work out the best ways to work with freelancers if they want to continue attracting the best talent. There might also be many added benefits too! Read more

How to create the environment to thrive in a fast-growth business

Fast-growth businesses face unique challenges when it comes to scaling and growing. While other businesses have the luxury of time – time to mull over hiring choices, time to contemplate the right organisational structure, even time to build a diversity strategy – fast-growth businesses need to make decisions in a short space of time. Read more