Article | 17 May 2018

5 simple ways to boost your mental health

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As it's mental health week this week, we thought we'd share a few tips to help your well-being as well as raise awareness on the issues around mental health. Did you know that we have 5 hormones in our body that have major impacts?

So get your natural highs of the week!


It’s a good one, with long-lasting and positive outcomes for everyone involved. If someone does something amazing for you, then tell them. You know that feeling you get when someone tells you that you’ve done a great job? Well this is dopamine sending you a dose of feel-good endorphins!

So if someone has done something amazing for you today, tell them! You will both get a good dose of Dopamine flowing around your system. If you want a double dose, set yourself a realistic goal for the day or week, whether that is updating with all your clients, winning a new client or catching up on your paperwork. When you achieve it, boom! Your dopamine will be flowing.

We understand if you work remotely this could be a challenge, but you can mix it up. Why not try a co-working space or meeting clients in person. We've covered a number of strategies to avoid lonely freelancer syndrome!


This mind-boosting neurotransmitter directly and indirectly affects our brains. Want to come into the office with a spring in your step? Aim for a brisk 20 minute walk on your way to work or re-boot on your break, you’ll be buzzing with neurotransmitters and ready to perform your next task!

Oxytocin release:

A real life affirming hormone and requires only 20 seconds of your day to activate! Grab someone, preferably someone you know and hug them for 20 seconds (no less). To think a 20 second hug each day releases Oxytocin which will make you feel great, as well as reducing any stress! Home alone with your pet, then hug them!

There are huge  benefits of working with your pet! Socialising with animals has been proven to release Oxycontin. The Work Crowd is an animal friendly office and there’s always a obvious lift in spirits when a furry friend is present.


Feeling irritable or anxious? Estrogen which helps form Serotonin, if low, could be to blame. Smoking and extreme exercise can reduce Estrogen and could be contributing to a grumpy mood. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular steady exercise to stay fit  and remember to listen to your body!


If you have trouble sleeping, experience mood swings or feeling anxious, Progesterone can stabilise this. Eating healthy food helps you keep your Progesterone levels high, so swap the sweets for an apple and make sure you a good night's sleep!  We all need between 7 and 9 hours sleep at night, so make sure you are getting yours!  


It’s normal to feel the stress of everyday life, so don’t bottle it up, talk about your feelings, ask for help, eat well and take a break when you need to. If you are concerned that you’re developing a mental health problem, please do seek the advice and support of your GP as a matter of priority.  


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