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Boost your career with Future Communicators

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In today’s fast-paced world, staying stationary for too long can be hugely detrimental to our careers. It’s important that we continuously improve our skills and knowledge in order to thrive. To support The Work Crowd community, we have teamed up with Future Communicators – an expert-led accelerator programme for outstanding PR and marketing professionals - to combat the challenges that face our community and help accelerate your careers.

We sat down with Natalia Bucelnikova, Managing Partner of Future Communicators Accelerator Program (FCA), and discussed how they can help give an edge to senior PR, communications, and marketing professionals.

Natalia, tell us what ultimately sparked the need for Accelerator program?

“The communications and PR industry has changed dramatically in recent years and continues to do so at a rapid pace. The natural role of the industry is to lead thinking and strategy around digital engagement. However, many professionals feel the only way to keep up to date with the fast-changing landscape is to ‘learn on the job’. They also lack mentoring opportunities for personal development. This is especially true for freelance professionals who may find themselves looking for their next role over prioritising skill development. "

How does the Accelerator program help solve these challenges?

Future Communicators is an immersive, interactive five-day accelerator program created to meet the training and development needs of the modern senior PR and comms professionals.

Our vision was to offer delegates a chance to bring all their skills up-to-date with the guidance of senior figures who are leading the industry in digital engagement, measurement, strategy, planning and creativity.

It is designed for mid to senior level PR and marketing professionals both agency-side and in-house who have the potential to be the comms directors and agency CEOs of the future, or CEOs of start-ups who need a crash-course in best practice. It offers delegates the tools they need to power up their careers and overcome personal challenges.

Who are you working with to help deliver your programme?

Our delegates will learn from the best. We have teamed up with International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) to devote a full day of FCA to the thorny issue of measurement and evaluation, and the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) is on board to help attendees master branded content. The PRCA’s Francis Ingham will be presenting a session on ethics in the industry. We have recruited CEOs and other influential figures from agencies such as Ketchum, Weber Shandwick, Brands2Life, Ruder Finn and WE, and brand-side we have Google, Mazda UK, and others all represented.”

What do you cover over the five days?

We begin with a comprehensive outline of global trends, including digital engagement, with panel sessions and workshops. We then move on to measurement and evaluation, and we have a full day devoted to this crucial issue. The programme then covers business and strategy, including use of data, crisis comms and client relations. The next day will cover personal and career development and allow delegates to dive into the nitty-gritty of their personal challenges and roadblocks and master skills like pitching, presentation and recruitment branding. Finally, we will pull everything together into best practice to help delegates plan and achieve their personal goals and their careers as a whole.

The next Accelerator program runs from 22nd-26th of January 2018 in London and they are offering a special 10% discount to The Work Crowd members! Book your spot here and enter TheWorkCrowd in the promo space to take advantage of this great offer. Or feel free to get in touch with on of the team. 

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