Article | 15 Jul 2015

Adam Hallows: Freelancing Stories

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While at the very same Stories for Start-ups workshop that Ellie Hoy just wrote about (you can read here), I had a terrifying thought... I’m not creative.

The workshop’s host Rob Grundel had set us a very simple challenge: ‘Imagine your future’. Pretty simple right? Use your creativity to imagine where your future self will be. Easy peasy.

Bugger, I panicked, I can’t think of it. Some creative I am. But sitting here now, away from the pressure of announcing that future to a room full of strangers, and I realise I do know it, because I saw it this weekend.

While visiting friends down in Falmouth, I had my breath taken away by the view from their apartment (see above). Immediately I knew it was where I had to be; not in their living room, but working from a very similar position, at a desk with the sea stretched out in front, the mind being cleansed every day by the salty sea breeze.

There’s more to this future of course. I am a globe-trotting copywriter helping artists, agencies, businesses and brands tell their story, so the world knows how great they are. But always I come back to that desk, and that view, to shape that story.

Having left the comfort of full time work to be a freelance copywriter, then this world of possibility can at times seem terrifying. But the very fact I am now shaping my future by drawing on the experience gained from every job I’ve ever done, every person I have ever met and my passion for writing, means I am not alone.

Rob invoked one of the greatest ever speeches during this workshop because King gave people room to join him. Well I’ve coerced Rob into being my mentor and joined The Work Crowd, so my dream’s already happening.

What’s yours?