Article | 16 Nov 2015

The Best Marketing Quotes from Web Summit

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Web Summit’s Marketing Summit showcased the world’s most disruptive startups in the exhibitor’s area. We wrote about some of our favourites here: Best Startups in Marketing.

There was also a constant stream of great talks by big names on the Marketing Stage. If you didn’t manage catch them, we’ve pulled together some of the most insightful quotes to share with you. These gems will give you a glimpse at what the future of marketing holds.

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Best Marketing Quotes at Web Summit on consumers, mobile, and the big picture.

On Consumers...

“Users are now consuming 7 hours of content in 5 hours due to multiscreen consumption.” - Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA of Facebook

“We’re innately wired to be attracted to the new. It’s what keeps us going.” - Jason Musante, Group ECD/MD of Havas Worldwide

“60% of people are willing to exchange their biometric data with companies in return for lower prices.” - Norm Johnston, Global Digital leader of Mindshare

"Forget about the business plan, think about the customer plan. What's the problem that needs to be solved?” - John Sculley, Former CEO Apple, Pepsi

“We have bad ads because we don’t have the volume of creative to make up for impressions by consumers.” - Shenan Reed, President Digital of MEC Global

On Mobile...

"Mobile is different from a PC because of how much more it can do, not how much less… Saying ‘mobile’ Internet is like saying ‘color’ TV.” - Benedict Evans, VC – Tech, Mobile, Media

“Mobile is the connective tissue for brand experience.” - Adam Powers, CEO of BBH

“Today ¾ of our revenue comes from mobile.” - Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA of Facebook

On the Big Picture...

“Don’t sink into the morass of industry standards. Don’t succumb to inertia of the status quo. Don’t stop exploring ideas. A small number of people can change how society works. It’s happened before and it will happen again.” - Yancey Strickler, Co-Founder of Kickstarter

“Brands moving from a marketing mindset to a publisher mindset are getting better traction.” - Thomas Crampton, Global MD of Ogilvy

“Unless our marketers fail, they will not win in the digital world.” - Soren Hagh, Executive Director of Global Marketing for Heineken

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