Interview | 09 Feb 2018

Achieving business goals - Caroline's story

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Every freelance story is different. So, we love to get in touch and hear stories that can inspire others. We got chatting to Senior Communications Consultant Caroline and found out why the freelance lifestyle is the right choice for her.

What lead you to start freelancing Caroline? Was there something the traditional workforce couldn’t offer you that freelancing could?

I came to a point in my life where I was starting a family and wanted flexibility. Freelancing just fitted perfectly with my lifestyle at a time where family was the focus. But as time has passed my motivations for freelancing have shifted.

I now appreciate the variety a lot more as well as the flexibility. I can work at a higher level of engagement for a variety of companies across a range of disciplines. There’s never a dull moment!

A lot of The Work Crowd’s freelance community would be able to empathise with you, many start freelancing to fit with starting a family.

Caroline how do you feel business can benefit through freelance talent like yourself through The Work Crowd?

Again, flexibility is a huge benefit. Businesses have access to a large pool of talented and experienced, senior level people to work with whenever they need, as their business grows. It’s also a much quicker process than traditional methods of hiring which can be a huge advantage.

How do you think The Work Crowd supports this relationship between freelancers and businesses?

I really like the model. The platform is an easy way for freelancers like myself, to connect to interesting client projects.

Caroline has been a member of The Work Crowd community for 3 years now and is currently working on two very diverse projects through the platform. One is working with Thoughtonomy a leader in Intelligent Automation and AI and the other on behalf of the Mangold Consultancy.

Caroline’s extensive experience in corporate communications across a variety of sectors makes here a perfect choice for diverse roles such as these. Her experience covers:

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Message development and positioning
  • Training
  • Digital and social media
  • Product launches/market entry

If you have been considering a freelance career or perhaps you want to work with a freelancer like Caroline, get in touch or join us today!



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