Article | 22 Aug 2016

PR hacks: Cathy White’s Top startups PR tips

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Friday morning we attended a "PR Hacks" breakfast event led by Cathy White, Head of Comms at Tech City UK. Partnered with Rise London, Cathy’s advice for start-ups looking to gain PR advantage was fresh and accessible for start-ups at various stages of growth.

As the modern PR landscape continually evolves, the following tips remain a valuable source for the implementation of successful PR strategies.

1. The beginning starts with the end

•Cathy encourages to first answer the question of “What is my end goal?” •Know the answers to the following questions, “Who is my key audience? What do they read? What sources are they accessing?” This is how you will be able pin point the positive direction of your efforts.

2. Every single channel matters

•Paying close attention to what exactly is posted on each Social Media channel is crucial. •A cohesive flow of content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will create a deeper brand image.

3. PR value comes from brand engagement

•Remember, PR can be hard to measure so keeping a close watch on where you are receiving the most interaction is important. Utilizing applications such as Google Analytics and Crowd Fire will be able to help you make the most of your PR strategy.

4. What problem are you solving?

•Constant innovation is key for all start-ups. Cathy advises to have a strong Unique Selling Point and be clear about how that USP is going to be delivered. The impact of a start-ups solution is just as vital as the product itself. •Bluntly put, “Why should anyone care about your product?”

5.Timing is everything

•Kathy emphasizes the importance of a fast acting PR strategy, as the current news cycle is extremely short. •By staying on top of trends and issues, your brand will gain strength and a positive reputation.

6. Kindness counts

•Don’t be afraid to reach out for a favour from contacts regarding advice. •Being genuine will get you far in the PR realm and will help build a trustworthy brand.

Bonus Tip

7. Cathy later divulged her “Rules to Live By”, a personal guide which can best be applied to professional PR.

  1. Be authentic
  2. Diversity is key
  3. Pay it forward
  4. Challenge the norm
  5. Find your tribe – surround yourself with like-minded people that will lift you up.

Thank you Rise London and Cathy White!

If you want to hear more top tips from Cathy, head over to our recorded panel discussion “Top Tips On Early Stage Growth Through PR and Marketing”

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