Interview | 05 Oct 2017

Create & Inspire with Design: Steve's story

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Here at The Work Crowd, we meet inspiring freelancers everyday who are doing innovative projects for our clients. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our creative designers.

We talked to Steve to find out why he loves the freelancing  lifestyle.

Why did you decide to take the plunge into freelancing?

“I’ve worked for over 18 years delivering creative projects for large brands and small businesses and currently I am a creative director for two agencies, one in Hampshire and one in London. Those keep me very busy on UX and brand development projects, but I began freelancing because I love the flexibility."

“Freelancing allows me to control my approach and choose the projects I want to work on. It also gives me the opportunity to meet and work with so many passionate and skilled people. This is very important to me. I believe all great creative projects happen with collaboration.”

Steve told us about how The Work Crowd community has made an impact on his freelance journey.

“I really love the substance of all the projects on the platform. They give me something to sink my teeth into!”

On his latest project, Steve is using his expertise to help a U.S. GDPR-ready multinational company that’s recently launched in the UK. He is assisting them with their brand and website build. He’s also creating graphic design advertising material for a global real estate investment adviser. We asked him about how he achieves success with multiple clients.

“I find the best way to meet client expectations is through interaction. For the kind of creative design projects I handle, workshops and user sessions are a great means to achieve this.”

Steve has extensive experience in his field which makes him the perfect freelancer for projects like this. His expertise covers:


• Web design: HTML/CSS, logo & brand assets

• Graphic Design

• Brand visualisation/p>

• Typography

• Digital, email & social marketing

If you’re thinking your website could use a revamp or your UX/UI experience could do with a makeover, get in touch. We would love to connect you to freelancers like Steve.

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