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Five best places in the world to be a freelancer

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As we finally emerge from the never-ending UK winter, many of us are dreaming of a life in sunnier climes. Wouldn’t it be exciting to try living in a different environment, if only for a while? New sights, sounds, cultures and experiences can do wonders for your creativity and productivity.

Plus, they give you a whole new perspective on the world. Plus, you’ll come away with memories you’ll never forget.  Relocating to an exotic location used to be a distant dream for most people. Faced with the economic practicalities of life and work, staying in one location is unavoidable, at least without embarking on a dramatic career change. But with the rise of freelancing, remote working and the global co-working scene, upping sticks for a few weeks, months, or years at a time, has become a much more realistic prospect.

So, if you fancy trying out the digital nomad life for a while, here’s some destination inspiration that could give you the nudge you need…   

    1. Bali, Indonesia: 
      Bali has become something of a mecca for remote workers in recent years, due to some seriously hip co-working spaces that have popped up on the tropical Indonesian island. The trailblazer was Hubud, opened in 2013, however it was rapidly followed by others including Dojo and the international co-living brand, Roam, where you can work and live in inspiring surroundings. Ubud itself is known as the cultural and creative heart of the island, situated in the mountains, providing the ideal backdrop for thinking and focusing on your work, surrounded by interesting people. It’s also only an hour’s drive from the airport, so super easy to get there and away.
    2. Chiang Mai, Thailand:
      Tranquil and relaxed Chiang Mai is another popular Eastern spot for freelancers, apparently home to the largest digital nomad population in the world. Freelancers love the low cost of living, warm climate and the lively café and co-working culture, which ensures you’ll never be short of cool places to work. The thriving expat community means you’ll also have plenty of fellow freelancers to socialise, collaborate and network with. Plus, with the locally grown coffee, your productivity will be through the roof! And when you’re not working, there’s loads to do, both within the city and out in the surrounding mountains. It’s also one of the safest cities in the world.
    3. Buenos Aires, Argentina:
      Of all the South American cities, BA has to top our list for digital nomads, due to its international feel, vibrant start-up scene and diverse neighbourhoods to explore and work from. Oh, and did we mention the food and wine?! Yes, the nightlife could be a distraction, but there are also plenty of places to get your head down during the day, with tonnes of cute and cosy cafes in the trendy Palermo district, and modern co-working spaces dotted all around the city. WeWork now has three spaces across BA, while Urban Station is another popular option. BA also has the added bonus that the time difference is only three hours behind the UK (rising to just four in the summer), so more practical for conference calls than some far-flung destinations.
    4. Lisbon, Portugal:
      A good option if you don’t want to stray too far from home (presuming home is the UK), the Portuguese capital is increasingly popular amongst digital nomads, due to its subtropical climate and cost of living that averages around half that of other European cities. But cost isn’t the only consideration of course, as Lisbon is also a beautiful place to be, with cobbled streets and a relaxed atmosphere, plus numerous beaches nearby if you fancy getting out of the city. You won’t be short of working options either, with loads of stylish co-working spaces around, including London’s own Second Home, which has a base in the city. And whether you’re out and about for work or pleasure, getting around is super easy, due to the efficient and convenient public transport system.  
    5. Barcelona, Spain:
      Cultural, artistic Barcelona has been a hive of start-up, freelance and digital nomad activity for a number of years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Not only does it have an enviable climate, it’s location is perfect, nestled between the Montserrat mountains and the calm, sparkling Mediterranean ocean. So, whether you prefer beach or hiking in your spare time, there is something for you. And when it comes to getting some work done, there are tonnes of gorgeous co-working spaces and cafes to base yourself in, not to mention a thriving expat community for building up that rolodex.

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