Interview | 18 Aug 2021

Freelancer Spotlight with Stuart Davis, Freelance Copywriter

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This month we interviewed Stuart Davis, as well as being a member of our freelance community, Stuart often guest writes for The Work Crowd. Read on to hear about his path into freelance copywriting and his advice for aspiring writers.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I’m a freelance copywriter and one half of the recently ripened Creative Pear. Working together with my creative partner Kate, we offer a variety of copywriting services to businesses across a diverse range of sectors. Clients have been impressed by our ability to research and produce fresh and engaging content on subjects such as fashion, recruitment and technology. The difference of passions and written styles makes us a perfect creative blend.

How long have you been a freelancer?

My first freelancing stint began soon after finishing an M.A in Professional Writing back in 2009. This was followed by a full-time role as an Editorial Consultant for a business training provider. And I felt ready to make the full-time switch to freelancing in 2019.

Why did you decide to go self-employed?

Self-employment has always seemed like the natural choice for me. The flexibility and sense of control over my own destiny are just a couple of reasons why the freelance lifestyle is such a great fit.

How has The Work Crowd helped you as a freelancer?

I’ve found the Work Crowd to be a really valuable platform, both in terms of finding well-paid freelance work and building my network. The recent webinars on finding a growth marketing formula and winning clients have been packed full of helpful information. And I’ve been delighted with the opportunity to create freelance-focused pieces for the Work Crowd blog.

Do you think the pandemic has had an affect on freelancing? 

The pandemic has definitely had an impact on freelancing. Like many, I found it a real challenge to begin with. Some of my established clients were badly affected and forced to cut their marketing budgets. However, things have been picking up of late and I’m confident that we’re through the worst of the storm.

What kind of clients/projects have you worked on through The Work Crowd? 

As mentioned, I’ve written a series of Work Crowd blogs, focussing on such subjects as post-pandemic freelancing and how to become a copywriter. I’ve also written summaries of the latest Work Crowd webinars, with plenty of great insights being shared. I’m excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of continued freelancing with the Work Crowd.

What one piece of advice would you give to a new freelance copywriter?

There are various routes to freelance copywriting success and no two professional stories are the same. Having said that, it’s really worth tapping into the digital communities and learning from those who’ve paved the way. Accept that you’re going to make mistakes (they’re what teaches you the most) and don’t be too hard on yourself (particularly in the early days).

That’s three pieces of advice, isn’t it? I do like to add value!


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