Article | 01 Jul 2022

Freelancers on Freelancing with Julie Miquerol, Events Manager

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‘Freelancers on Freelancing’ is our latest series in which our freelance community share insights on how they operate, charge and the tools they use for a successful freelancing career. 

1. What’s your area of expertise?

Corporate, I work in event management and specialise in bespoke business trips: seminars, incentive, team building etc. mainly for French corporate companies coming a few days to London.

2. When did you start freelancing?

In September 2010, when my event agency London Incognito was born! I started with B2C organising very small trips but very bespoke and gradually moved into B2B with a very wide range of clients.

3. How do you get new clients?

Mainly through my website and some referrals too.

4. How do you charge? (Project/Day/hourly?)

I charge by project.

5. What tools could you not live without as a freelancer?

I won’t be able to live as a freelancer without my phone and my laptop, they are essential.

6. How do you keep in the know about the latest industry trends?

Linkedin, blog articles in the event industry and exchanging with my peers.

7. What services are your clients asking for in 2022?

More than ever they want to get back together, face to face events, live events but hybrid events continue to grow. And of course the eco-friendly approach.

8. What skills do you think will be most in-demand this year?

Being able to organise hybrid events, to be on top of new technologies and to learn new tools. Problem solving, to adapt in different situations and to think outside the box but also self-management.

9. What’s your top tip to maintain happy clients?

Excellent communication is very important but also an organisation that is bespoke, flexible and adaptive. Attention to details is also key to maintain happy clients.

10. Describe freelancing in one word