Article | 06 Apr 2022

Freelancers on Freelancing with Patrick Smith, Strategic Marketing Consultant

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‘Freelancers on Freelancing’ is our latest series in which our freelance community share insights on how they operate, charge and the tools they use for a successful freelancing career. 

1. What’s your area of expertise?

I’m a Strategic Marketing Consultant and my background is in Tech PR.

2. When did you start freelancing?

I ran a freelance PR agency (Joshua PR) from 2008, then went out on my own as a freelancer in 2019.

3. How do you get new clients?

Word of mouth, existing contacts and of course, through The Work Crowd.

4. How do you charge? (Project/Day/hourly?)

Always by project.
That is based on an approximation of how long it will take me, but clients want projects completed, not hours ticked off.

5. What tools could you not live without as a freelancer?

I’m not sure any tools are essential – they all help, but even with clients’ projects it has to be about more than the tool.

6. How do you keep in the know about the latest industry trends?

Staying curious is hugely important in this industry. I’m lucky that I still love my job and the work the industry, as a whole, produces.

7. What services are your clients asking for in 2022?

The basics of audience and messaging are always key and that’s what I mainly work with clients on.

8. What skills do you think will be most in-demand this year?

News-jacking, but combined with lots of empathy and understanding.

9. What’s your top tip to maintain happy clients?

Do good work.

That has to be at the core of it, but then regular communication so you can tell them about the good work you’ve done.

10. Describe freelancing in one word