Interview | 15 Jun 2020

Interview with Nadia El Meallem, Fashion and Lifestyle PR

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This month we spoke with freelance member Nadia El Meallem, a senior PR practitioner with over 17 years’ experience in the fashion and lifestyle space (both consumer and corporate). 

As an entrepreneur, Nadia works on various businesses including her own fashion label. Whilst acting as a consultant to brands across the globe from start-ups to established businesses, supporting fashion, lifestyle, technology, retailers, and training providers.

We hear from Nadia on how she climbed the career ladder to success, as well some take away advice  around how to work with new clients.

She also talks about the reaction the fashion & lifestyle space has taken during these unprecedented times, as well as addressing what we can anticipate once we ease out of lockdown.

You have supported some of the biggest global names within professional career, what have been some key career highlights for you?

I have had many highlights and unforgettable moments during my professional career. From rolling out the first Mary Portas Living and Giving Shops for Save the Children to working in Paris and London Fashion Weeks. One of my key career highlights was certainly my first role in PR at Selfridges Press Office. I was lucky enough to work with a great team and organisation. It laid the foundations for my career and every day brought a new experience. You could find me on one day with Victoria Beckham and a TV crew filming on the shop floor and the next I could be in a meeting Vogue’s Editor planning our next campaign.

With expertise spanning a broad range of industry fields such as fashion, retail, celebrity and lifestyle, what is your key tip to success when it comes to working with multiple clients in various sectors?

Work with clients you are passionate about and research your industry.

How have you seen the fashion industry reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Fashion Industry has obviously been impacted and hit hard by Covid-19. However it’s been great to see a lot of designers and Industry leaders coming together and being supportive in different ways as well as looking at ways to change and improve the industry going forward. Since lock down designers such as Georgio Armani have been calling for change and they want the industry to produce less and less often.

What can we anticipate for the future months in the lifestyle and fashion space?

I think we can expect to see fashion and lifestyle brands becoming even more environmentally conscious and slowing down. Labels will produce fewer, smaller collections over the next few years. Luxury brands will bounce back but I think some of the high street retailers will struggle.

What approach do you take when it comes to pitching for new business?

I usually look to work with brands I feel passionate about and that have media appeal. Research the business and then approach to find out if they may be looking for PR support. I have normally been introduced to new business rather than cold pitching. But when approaching myself I would arrange initial meetings and correspondence before we start working together and make sure to set out clear expectations and deliverables from the start.

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