Interview | 01 Jun 2017

Interview with Nick Trueman of Digital Workshop

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Digital Workshop has kindly been offering our community discounts on their interactive, insightful seminars for the past year. We decided to have a chat with the founder, Nick Trueman.

Nick talked to us about his inspiration for the business and how freelancers and companies alike can benefit from attending Digital Workshop seminars.

What was a key inspiration for Digital Workshop?

We work in the digital space with many well-known brands, from fashion retailers to industrial powerhouses. Within this, there is a lot we believe we can provide to smaller businesses or marketing teams that simply want to learn more. The training seminars seem to fit the bill and have been a real hit. It still surprises me how many unique job roles walk through the door; we have something for all of them.

What is your typical attendee and what are they looking for?

We've had a huge mix of attendees, from graduates to global marketing directors. We've kept our course material at base level to allow each session to work for the people in the room. No two businesses are the same, but Google is a similar model for all. I personally love the Q&A session at the end as some of the questions really stretch our knowledge.

Why do you feel interactive workshops are important for freelancers and their business?

All professionals need to remain at the top of their game. Whether it's a refresher session or learning something new, we should all be making time to explore. Our SEO and Analytics training courses are fairly universal and apply to a huge variety of roles; PR being in the heart of that mix.

What does the future hold for Digital Workshop?

Digital experts have so much to share about the latest trends, and therefore we are currently working on a release of an online membership model. It'll be a hybrid of included tickets to workshops, an online forum, guide material, round table events and live Q&A webinars. Watch this space!

Digital Workshop is offering our members a fantastic discount on their next seminar held in Huckletree, a co-working office in Shoreditch. The seminar is titled ‘SEO Your Own Website Training' and will kickoff Friday 30th June from 10am-2pm.

Follow the link here and enter the code WORKCROWDDW17 to get 25% off!