Interview | 05 Jan 2018

Lafontaine PR on working with PR Freelancers

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We are finding more and smarter agencies seeking support from agencies. Julie, founder of Lafontaine PR, a specialist media communications and public relations agency came to The Work Crowd last year to gain extra PR support for her agency.

Lafontaine PR has a reputation for treating each client as individuals, working closely with them to devise creative campaigns to meet their needs and aims.

We sat down to ask her about her business needs and how The Work Crowd was able to help.

To start off, why do you use freelancers, as opposed to solely more traditional recruitment methods?

We use freelancers because of the flexibility it offers us. As a young company of a small size we do work on a lot of ad-hoc projects, it is therefore crucial to find the right people with the right skills, at the exact time when we need it the most.

And what brought you to The Work Crowd?

“Last year, we won a corporate and B2B PR strategy pitch for a building merchant company. Having successfully won the pitch, we were looking for additional support for the implementation and to bring in specialist trade and B2B PR experience to compliment the experience of our existing team."

What did you require of the freelancer you chose to work with?

"We were looking for a specialist to handle the trade and corporate aspects of the campaign, working with a team of four to help implement the PR program and manage delivery. This required someone that was able to write and distribute press releases, identify news stories and tactical stories, as well as capitalise on industry trends, whilst working closely with our client to put together and sell in case studies."

Julie appointed Jennifer who has over 10 years agency experience, before going freelance. Jennifer is a freelance consultant specialising in corporate PR, with expertise across the energy, construction and technology industries.

How did you find your overall experience with The Work Crowd and selecting a freelancer?

"I found the whole experience working with The Work Crowd very smooth and easy - from registering as a client to actually selecting the right freelancer for our project. The Work Crowd team was also easy to talk to and very responsive in case of any problems or queries.”

Whether you are pitching for a new client or have already won the proposal, The Work Crowd has over 1600 pre-vetted freelancers that can give you a fresh perspective and provide the extra support you need. Contact us today!


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