Interview | 01 Nov 2017

Marc, Embracing the freelance world

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There is always an element of risk when making the decision to leave your desk job and take a step into the freelance world, but the opportunity to manage your own destiny and control your work-life balance is worth it for many of us.

It should come as no surprise then that the number of us working independently has grown 46% since 2008, and it's still rising!

So what motivates people to take the plunge and completely change their work-lifestyle? This month we spoke to Marketing & PR consultant Marc, to gain some insight.

Thinking back to when you left the traditional workforce, what sparked that decision?

“When my role at 3Com disappeared in 2002, people asked me to work for them on projects and then one thing led to another. I realised that this was how I could live my life. There was no epiphany, or pivotal moment, rather a gradual realisation that freelancing was definitely right for me."

What do you enjoy the most about the freelance lifestyle that a traditional office job doesn't accommodate?

Clearly and simply, you are the master of your professional destiny, end of. It can be a little scary but it’s incredibly rewarding when you know it’s all down to your efforts. And the fact that you can chose to do things like spend time with family or volunteer when you really want to and not feel guilty is very gratifying.

How does The Work Crowd fit in the picture?

I have been with The Work Crowd since the beginning in 2014 and have worked on several projects. I think the concept is the way forward and it fits my work style perfectly. I particularly like the auto invoice generator as that really helps with my VAT returns! Not to mention the team is really friendly and helpful.”

Marc has been keeping busy to date. Last month, we talked to Abeed of Infosaas and the impact of InfoSaas. Marc is currently helping them with their PR and strategy, but that’s not all!

He is also working on lead generation for a French- based advertising start-up and a US scale-up venture, community management for a creative tech company, analyst relations support for a computer services company and he is a non-executive for a virtual digital agency.

You’re probably thinking the same thing we’re thinking... How does he manage all this and achieve success for his clients?!

I manage my time effectively. That is the key! And I get stuff done, whether it is press coverage, generating leads… I am obsessed with delivering results, not excuses.

And it’s no surprise what Marc can achieve with his extensive expertise. As a CMO at heart, his skillset covers:

• PR & comms

• Analyst relations

• Content creation

• Pre-sales support/ lead generation

• Partner & speaker sourcing

• Community Management

• thought leadership

If you’re looking to connect with an expert like Marc or wanting to learn more about navigating the freelance lifestyle, get in touch with our team. We’re always happy to help.

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