Article | 07 Jan 2016

My Story: Why I launched the Work Crowd

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I was at the height of ‘stressed me’! We were in the midst of recession, I was running a headhunting business, doing up a property and trying to be a mum of 2 young children! Yikes!!

I had dropped my children off one morning to school, it was on the rare occasion that I managed to and was about to grab my blackberry to start checking the daily email flow, when a mum caught my attention and asked if I had time for a coffee.

I didn’t, but I felt I should. She said she was envious of my life… I worked, she wanted to work and she hadn’t for four years. She used to be in PR but couldn’t juggle working in a PR agency and bringing up her kids. So she left. Who would hire her now?

It was about the same time that my daughter turned to me and said “mummy I know you are good, but you are doing too much, please cut back on the jobs you are doing, but preferably keep being my mum”.

It was over that coffee that I realised neither of us had got it right…we were living lives at the extreme ends of work/life balance but neither of us were coping that well.

So I made it my mission to see if there could be another route – how people like the mum who I was having coffee with, could find work that would flex around their family life.

Last year, with the help of investment and a great team, I launched The Work Crowd, a platform that connects business directly with talented freelancers, so they can access the expertise they need as and when they need them.

The feedback has been incredible and we have now reached over 1000 freelancers across PR and Communications who are part of The Work Crowd Community.

This year, in 2016, we are making some great new improvements, adding more areas of specialisms in the marketing service mix and improving our messaging and invoicing system.

We want to simplify the process – help freelancers save valuable time that they aren’t paid for to find projects and help with the administration and invoicing to make sure they get paid.

For business who need to find great people, we can help them to tap into a talented, recommended workforce with specific skill sets without the need of a recruiter or fee.

Changing the way we work - The Work Crowd is a platform for talented individuals to find work no matter where they are located or what their circumstances are. We are offering a seamless, revolutionary way of finding freelances in PR and Communications.


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