At The Work Crowd we are always looking for benefits to offer our members, and we are delighted to introduce you to Sherpa.

Sherpa offers the self-employed a combined insurance product that offers mortgage cover, life insurance, critical illness and income cover in an integrated end-to-end service that helps you work out what you need and is completely personalised to the individual. Not only that but the level of cover can be increased or decreased as your needs change offering completely new levels of flexibility.

Finally the insurance cover has zero-commission meaning 100% of the cost of the insurance goes on protecting you, whilst you could be saving up to 40% when compared to similar products sold as ‘best buys’ on price comparison sites.

To get access to this flexible wholesale insurance Sherpa normally charges a simple monthly subscription of £5. As a member of The Work Crowd you can get your membership free for the first year.

So how do I take up this offer.

Just Email moc.a1586287240prehs1586287240teem@1586287240sreff1586287240o1586287240 and the Sherpa team will let you know how to access and make the most of this unique offer.