Interview | 20 Nov 2017

Scaling Your Business with The Work Crowd’s Network

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How exactly does The Work Crowd help scale businesses? It’s all to do with our amazing network of over 1500 professional vetted freelancers who work across Marketing, Communications, PR, digital and design.

Each and every one is an expert in their industry and field.and are able to hit the ground running on your brief. To give you perspective, we have spoken to Abeed Janmohamed, Commercial Director of InfoSaaS to understand why he came to The Work Crowd and what he was able to achieve. 

Tell me a little more about InfoSaaS and why you came to The Work Crowd?

"InfoSaaS helps businesses achieve information security certification through cost-effective, cloud-based information security solutions. At the time we were looking for PR and marketing support to get our message out there to potential customers, specifically around GDPR. We realised that this was a very niche area, to say the least, but were hopeful that we might find someone who had relevant experience. That’s when we chose The Work Crowd,"

What were your first impressions?

"Very quickly after advertising the role, I received enquiries from very qualified candidates on the platform, but one stood out above the rest – B2B Tech PR expert, Marc. He had some recent experience working in this sector and already understood GDPR, so we jumped at the chance to work with him."

So how do you feel your experience with The Work Crowd and freelancer Marc, went overall?

"Without The Work Crowd, we would still be looking for support today. Marc has engaged well with our team and has done some amazing work getting our articles published, getting us to comment publicly on other stories, and helping us with our press releases. Overall, it’s been an exceptionally successful experience."

So if you’re sitting there thinking about how a freelancer can help scale your business, why not talk to the team? Or better yet post a brief today!