Article | 03 Jun 2015

Top Five Apps for Productivity and Freelancers

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They say there’s an app for everything, but who wants to spend ages searching through them all to find the handful that are really worth it? Time is money for freelancers after all – which is why we asked WorkCrowd partner Laundrapp, London’s most popular dry cleaning and laundry app, to suggest their best productivity apps of 2015!

Coffeetivity – Android / iPhone There are a lot of things to love about working at home, not least of which is the peace and quiet. Sometimes the quiet can be a bit oppressive though - and that's where Coffeetivity comes in to liven things up with the looping background noise of a busy coffee shop. It's definitely one of the more obscure office solutions but one plenty of freelancers appreciate!

Deliveroo – Order Online You know the feeling; you're working late on a great project when you feel your stomach rumble. You could take a break and cook something tasty but that would break your work-flow. You could get a takeaway but why let your waistline suffer? The answer is to use Deliveroo to get dinner delivered from your favourite restaurant in the city.

Laundrapp – Android / iPhone Need a suit cleaned for an upcoming conference or are you just sick of the whirring washing machine ruining your Zen? Either way, Laundrapp can sort things out and will collect, clean and deliver your laundry or dry cleaning at a time and place you choose. The average person spends five hours a week on laundry - but that's time you can easily reclaim with Laundrapp. Plus, Workcrowd users get an exclusive discount!

Sunrise Calendar – Android / iPhone Tired of Google Calendar or iCloud? If you're looking for something that offers a little extra functionality and a snazzy look, Microsoft's Sunrise is the scrappy little Calendar that can. It offers all the usual features you’d expect of a modern calendar all laid out beautifully and able to effortlessly integrate with Microsoft Exchange too. It may be late to the party, but it’s been worth the wait.

Google Docs – Android / iPhone Microsoft Office and its ilk are all well and good for when you’re at your PC but more and more of us are working on tablets or on our phones. If you spend a lot of time dashing between meetings, conferences or chores then Google Docs is the always-online and totally free option for you. Plus, it makes it a lot easier work in teams.