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Top tips for Web Summit 2015

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With only six weeks until the Dublin Web Summit, are you and your business ready to be the best you can possibly be? Knowing what to do to get ready for Web Summit could mean the difference between meeting the right people and getting the investment your company needs or getting lost in the crowd.

As well as juggling business as usual here at The Work Crowd, we thought we would ask some past attendees for their advice and insights to put together a list of top tips. And because we believe ‘sharing is caring’, here’s that list, just for you:

Ten Top Tips for Web Summit 2015

1. Get organised. Read all material sent from Web Summit. Submit your company stand info and mobile app on-site networking info on time. Double check your spelling and grammar.

2. Apply to pitch: It might be daunting, but this is your chance to shine in front of some of the world’s leading tech experts, investors and accelerators. Don’t waste that chance.

3. Prepare a pitch deck to impress. With over 1000 investors at Web Summit, it is important to be investor-ready with a great pitch deck that is engaging, concise, and visual. Need help getting your pitch deck ready?

4. Be online and offline ready. Have an online and offline version of your pitch deck and presentation material so that you can demo your product to anyone, wherever you are.

5. Get your elevator pitch licked! What does your company do and what problem does it solve? You have 30 seconds. Go.

6. Fine tune your story. A human element helps with engagement. Ask yourself: do you have a genuinely interesting and newsworthy personal story? Share it. People invest in people.

7. Make sure your shop window sparkles. Ensure your website and social media channels are consistent. These should clearly communicate what you offer and how it works. And they should do so in a tone that suits your product or service.

8. What’s your purple cow? With thousands of startups networking and pitching at Web Summit, how are you going to stand out? Think differently.

9. Connect. Research the attendees list. Then connect and engage with the people you are most keen to speak to ahead of the event. Book meetings now to maximise your time. Charlie App could help you make a killer impression.

10. Sleep. The week will be full throttle, so make sure you are well rested before you start.

Need help?

If this all seems a little daunting, no fear The Work Crowd is here!

Our platform can match and connect you to our best in class network of flexible freelancers in Marketing, Communications and PR to give you a helping hand. We’ll help get you ready for Web Summit 2015.

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