Article | 06 Mar 2017

Want to see your business in the media?

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So, you want to see your business in the media? We all know the feeling. You’re flicking through the latest edition of your favourite trade magazine, or scrolling down the page of a popular start-up blog, when suddenly you spot one of your competitors quoted in an article that is perfect for your target audience.

And you’re not in there! ‘Why them?!’ you think, and immediately vow to do something about it. And you’d be right. Getting your brand into the media – whether that’s through blogs, trade magazines, regional press or nationals (aka the holy grail) – can have massive benefits for your business, whatever your size or the industry you operate in.

Not only does media coverage raise your profile and get your brand out there amongst potential customers and investors, it also boosts your SEO and gives you loads of fab content to share on your website and social media. Plus, because it’s not paid for, media coverage makes you trusted and respected in a way that advertising never will.

So how does it work?

There are loads of ways to get your name in print. Here are some tried and tested tactics:

News: Got a product launch coming up? Or you’ve just landed investment? Then a news release is the way to go. Your trade and business media will be keen to hear about what’s going on at your company.

Business profiles: The media loves an interesting business story, so if there’s something unique about your company, personal background or approach, this could be just the hook you need.

Opinion and advice articles: The trade and online media are always looking for contributed articles, offering opinions and advice on topical subjects. These slots position you as an expert, while also promoting your brand.

Commenting on topical issues: Journalists are often looking for experts to comment on current affairs - ranging from Brexit to David Beckham! So, if you’ve got an opinion – the more controversial the better – you’ve got a good chance of catching their attention.

Product reviews: If you’ve got a physical product that you can send to media to test and review, then this is a great way of getting it featured in the right places.

Client case studies: Got some impressive, interesting or unusual client or customer stories? Then let them do the talking for you!

Campaigns or stunts: Want to make a real splash? Then some market research, an event or PR stunt can be a fantastic way of hitting the headlines.

Can you do it yourself?

You might be lucky enough to land some media opportunities on your own, whether through word of mouth or networking, but if you really want to make an impact it’s best to get an expert on board. From developing your messaging, to knowing the right contacts or pitching a story, PR and media relations are specialist skills that can take years to hone. A trained professional will have the expertise and experience to get results - and fast.

What’s more, these days hiring PR expertise doesn’t need to cost the earth, with thousands of highly qualified freelancers to choose from. Freelancers offer the same level of expertise as an agency or full-time employee, but at a fraction of the cost. They’re also hugely flexible, enabling you to work on a project or part-time basis, depending on your budget and requirements.

And now it’s even easier with The Work Crowd, where you can find all the best PR, communications and marketing freelancers in one place. We have a community of over 1,400 vetted professionals, with expertise across a range of industries and disciplines. Simply post what you’re looking for and you’ll have the support you need in no time!

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