Interview | 25 Nov 2021

What’s Your Secret Sauce: Interview with Eulogy

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For this month’s edition of our Secret Sauce Series, where we talk with leading businesses from The Work Crowd community, we interviewed Eulogy to discuss the challenges they faced as an agency navigating the pandemic, predictions for campaigns in 2022 and their secret to attracting and landing successful clients within the tech space.

Can you tell us more about the work Eulogy does and the clients you work with?

We’re an independent communications agency that has been around for 25 years. Our team works with B2C and B2B brands, on integrated campaigns including media relations, social and digital, and content and creative. We’re always pushing forward on new areas in response to client need, so in recent years we’ve expanded our services to include brand strategy and consultancy, international campaigns, and crisis communications work, and many other things besides.

At Eulogy we have purposefully kept our sector experience as broad as possible – it keeps things fresh, and means we can bring experience and knowledge from one industry into another. That said, we work with many clients in sectors like tech, financial services, food and drink and health and wellbeing. Our client list currently includes well-known brands and businesses like American Express, National Grid and Virgin Media Business, US imports like Noom and LTK, and challenger brands like Mettle and Ripple.

What challenges have you faced as an agency during the pandemic, and do you think COVID-19 has had an impact on your business?

Like all agencies, we had to navigate a challenging market where clients were naturally more cautious. And while we were already mixing in home and office working before covid hit, such a sustained period of physical isolation from one another undoubtedly took its toll on our team. But we fell back on the strength of relationships we have within the team and with clients to weather the storm. We’re now fighting fit, with an incredible bunch of people who get to work on some seriously exciting briefs.

Earlier this year, you wrote an article on ‘Creativity in marketing and comms in 2021’ outlining marketing trends in 2021, as we approach 2022, what are your predictions for brand campaigns next year?

Something we are already seeing is a renewed focus from the market on investment at brand level; so many reaching a point where they are ready and willing to bring in new thinking and energy off the back of a frustrating couple of years. It’s also evident that the spirit of ‘what’s next?’ that so many of us have felt as we move out of the pandemic and into 2022 is present within client teams. The result is bigger briefs, and a willingness to take bolder steps – music to our ears! We’re also working on numerous client briefs related to ESG and sustainability initiatives, and this will undoubtedly increase.

You have worked with leading brands in the tech industry, including Noom, Virgin Media Business and Headspace (to name a few), what is your secret to attracting and landing successful clients within the tech space?

The principle remains the same regardless of the client or sector; how do we take something complex and communicate it in a way which audiences understand, and are interested in? For anything tech related, this can often mean playing on our external perspective to help cut through to the core of the story. In the case of a recent project with National Grid ESO, the innovation team had developed an audacious and game-changing industry programme, but their proximity to it meant they were struggling to explain the concept in a way a wide variety of stakeholders could understand and get behind. Our proposal and subsequent work was all about bringing out the genius of their
innovation, while making it relevant to each audience group. Also, being honest with potential clients is vital. We don’t promise to do things that aren’t our skillset but we’re always up for a challenge if the client needs us to push them a little.

As economic recovery begins what opportunities and challenges are PR professionals now facing?

It’s clear our entire industry has faced a huge amount of upheaval, one very pertinent outcome of which is an even greater demand for good talent. My advice to freelancers is to think about any temporary engagement like they would a permanent role. It’s just as important to get the environment, people, and ambition fit right from the outset, so every placement you take is as fulfilling as the next. It’s really important to us that freelancers enjoy their time with us, and go away feeling like they have become a fully-fledged member of our team. That way when the opportunity arises to work together again, it’s a no-brainer. And whilst a project may come to an end and a freelancer moves on, they never leave Eulogy. They always represent us in their next projects, and that makes us more determined to ensure they enjoy and respect the time they had with us.

A number of agencies turned to freelance support during covid-19. How has your business engaged an interim workforce over the pandemic? And how have freelancers helped support your agency?

We’ve always called on freelance support to boost our resource and bring in specific skills. Over the last couple of years we’ve had a host of freelancers in various roles. They’ve also been part of company socials, Christmas parties and team activities. One has since joined us permanently, and another is considering it!


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