One of the most daunting aspects of going freelance is wondering how to find freelance clients. But it doesn’t have to be scary if you draw on the expertise and experience of those who have been there and done it before you.

As one of the leading sites matching freelancers with clients, we know what it takes to build a varied and exciting freelance portfolio. And now we’re sharing all that knowledge with those just starting out, as well as seasoned freelancers looking for a boost.

The Work Crowd’s Ultimate Guide to Freelancing has the lowdown on every aspect of setting up, running, and growing a freelance business, including loads of advice on how to get clients as a freelancer, including…

  • Tapping your network
  • Agencies vs. brands
  • Pitching for business
  • Collaborating with other freelancers
  • Retainers vs. projects

Wondering how to get clients for freelancing? Then download our free guide today, and you’ll be off and running in no time.