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We are on a mission

The Work Crowd is changing the way people work for the better.


How it all began.

As a working mother with my own business, I’ve always tried to juggle my family life with work commitments. On the school run, I would find myself kissing my children goodbye only to jump back on my iPhone to deal with the day ahead.

Subtle enquires at the school gates soon led to several mums approaching me asking for advice on getting back to work. They were all talented, bright women, but they lacked the confidence and know-how to find work that would fit with their family lives. They missed their independence, spending power, and they were worried about losing the skill-sets that they’d developed over successful careers.

At the same time, clients of my existing business (executive search firm Hanson Search) were finding themselves short of talent and concerned about retaining great women in the communications and marketing industry.

I realised that if we could provide a way of connecting these two groups of people, it would mean keeping the best talent in the industry, whilst helping parents continue their careers alongside children. Then, when they could return to full-time work, they would have the necessary skills to slip comfortably back in or choose to continue as a freelancer. A win-win for all involved!

But it’s not just those of us with families who can reap the rewards of freelancing – the way we work is changing. We all want more flexibility in our lives and careers.

All of this is what inspired me to create a simple but effective technology solution: The Work Crowd.

The Team

We love meeting like-minded people and are passionate about everyone having a happier working life. Please reach out if you think we can ever help.

Qawelesizwe Mlilo – Lead Developer

Qawelesizwe Mlilo – Lead Developer

Just as in James Bond, Q is head of our research and development here at The Work Crowd. A full stack developer with expertise in PHP, Javascript, Node.js, SQL, HTML5, GIT, MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB. Q lives in Durban with his son.

Madeleine Weightman – Chief Freelancer and Fixer

Madeleine Weightman – Chief Freelancer and Fixer

Madeleine is Chief Freelancer and fixer at The Work Crowd.

Madeleine made the move to freelancing 4 years ago having sold her share in a boutique recruitment agency working in the tech space, that she had founded and run for the previous 12 years.

She chose to freelance as she was keen to both broaden her industry experience as well as take more control of her work life balance.

In the last 4 years Madeleine has freelanced for a number of business’s from commodity and bullion trading companies to leisure and technology as well as managing a small stud farm she owns in surrey.

Madeleine is a strong advocate that freelancing not only offers individuals a more entrepreneurial and rewarding way of working, but that business’s reap the benefits through bringing in fresh talent, with many freelancers having a real wealth of experience, that in turn promotes innovation and enterprise.

Anneliese Searle – Marketing

Anneliese Searle – Marketing

Anneliese handles all things Marketing here at The Work Crowd, along with daily business support. She moved to London from Australia after completing a double degree in Marketing and Psychology at The University of Adelaide. Whilst at University she undertook two internships, one in the food & beverage industry and the other in the not-for-profit sector. As these were both start-ups she has found herself at home with The Work Crowd community and is passionate about helping SME’s blossom and grow to achieve their business aspirations.



Alice Weightman – Founder and CEO

Alice Weightman – Founder and CEO

The Work Crowd is the brain child of global head-hunter and entrepreneur Alice Weightman.

An expert in finding and placing the best talent in Communications and Marketing, as well as being a proactive campaigner for greater diversity in the industry. Alice founded leading International search consultancy Hanson Search in 2002. Since then, Alice has met with over 3000 individuals across the globe to discuss their career development and business talent needs; the firm now recruits from offices in London, Paris and Dubai.

Fuelled by the frustrations she observed in a rapidly changing industry with businesses seeking to create a more agile workforce and untapped talent looking for work; Alice decided to launch The Work Crowd.

The Work Crowd is an online platform that gives businesses direct access to a global army of talented freelancers whilst offering ’employee style benefits’ by coming together as a crowd and promises to take the industry by storm!

It’s because we LOVE freelancing

Over 2 million of the UK workforce are professional freelancers

Since 2008, the number of freelancers in the UK has risen almost 50%, contributing a whopping £119 billion to the UK economy.

1 in 7 mums are freelancers

In the past decade there has been a 55% increase in freelancers and a 79% increase in freelance mums. There’s no need for parents to compromise between work and family!

Independent talent will match permanent

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be working independently across the UK, Europe & USA. In 2017 alone, freelancers rose 3x faster than permanent employment.

90% are happier now than they were before going solo

For those scared to take the leap of faith and leave behind their perks and paid vacations, this should be an indication towards the beauty of freelancing.


% of Employers
Plan to increase their use of freelancers


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