Internal communications entail the sharing of information, news, and updates within an organisation. It is used to ensure that employees are kept informed about key developments, changes, and initiatives within the organisation. Internal communications allow businesses to promote common goals and objectives with employees. This can be achieved through emails, intranets, newsletters, meetings, and other forms of communication. 

Effective internal communications are integral to developing a strong culture and identity within an organisation as well as creating a cohesive workforce.  Adopting the appropriate tone and message that will resonate with employees is of utmost importance.

The Work Crowd is home to a trusted and extensive network of internal communications consultants.  Whether your business needs strategic guidance on a particular campaign or interim support, we can connect you to the right freelancers that will be able to help you. If this sounds of interest or you would like to find out more, feel free to schedule a call with one of our Customer Success Managers.