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5 brilliant influencer marketing campaigns

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Following last month’s blog on how to get started with Influencer Marketing we wanted to inspire you with some examples of brands doing it well. The following campaigns are sure to get those cogs whirring and spark ideas of how it could work for your brand, or one of your clients’.

    • Brunchie at All Bar One :

      The bar and restaurant chain All Bar One saw its brunch sales increase by 28% and social engagement by 65% with a micro-influencer campaign called #Brunchie. The brand homed in on the female, Millennials demographic, with the aim of boosting brunch sales, generating interest in its summer menu and increasing footfall. To achieve its objectives, it chose 10 influential female foodies, to create a selection of rights-managed, inspirational images of them enjoying brunch at All Bar One – all shared on Instagram and tagged with #Brunchie. Followers were then encouraged to share their own images, with the chance to win a Mulberry Kite handbag. All Bar One also helped promote the campaign through some social advertising. The brand’s Marketing Manager, Michael Duffy, commented: “While our campaign was active, we not only saw stronger sales, but interaction with the brand was up across the board.”
    • ASOS ‘Insiders’

      The ecommerce giant ASOS is known for being ahead of the curve in all things digital and its influencer campaigns are no different. Rather than creating one-off relationships, it has instead built its own tribe of long-term micro-influencers, known as the ASOS Insiders. These trendy 20-somethings, who have anything between 5,000 and 100,000 followers, use their social media accounts to showcase different outfits and beauty products from ASOS in aspirational and creative ways. With product codes included alongside the posts, followers can ‘shop’ the looks, while also receiving lifestyle and fashion advice. The campaign has helped ASOS amass an impressive 12m strong social audience, while promoting its products in a more organic and natural way to traditional advertising.
    • Body Shop: Forever Against Animal Testing

      The ethical beauty brand has chosen a slightly furrier type of influencer for its “Forever Against Animal Testing” campaign – pets! Drawing on the help of leading pet influencers, including Tuna Melts my Heart (a chiweenie), Toast Meets World (a King Charles Spaniel) and Mr Bagel the Chinchilla, it is aiming to get animal testing banned globally by collecting 8m signatures on a petition to the UN by 2020. With up to 2m followers each, the brand hopes these cuddly influencers will help the campaign to broaden its reach and spread its message amongst animal lovers. Each one has been asked to create a post using the hashtag #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting, explaining the initiative and encouraging their followers to sign the petition. Since the campaign launched in June, the hashtag has been used 3,470 times on Instagram, and 622,000 signatures have been collected so far.
    • Marriott – ‘Snapisodes’

      The global hotel chain has been courting Millennials recently, as it attempts to compete with the dominance of Airbnb, which has cornered this influential demographic. In a bid to inspire the younger audience, Marriott has developed a campaign in partnership with the increasingly popular social platform, Snapchat, working with some of its biggest influencers to create a selection of ‘Snapisodes’. These three-minute-long vlog-style ads feature Millennial influencers such as Jen Levinson (73,000 followers) as they explore some of Marriott’s key locations, including Berlin, New York and Seoul. The Snapisodes are designed to be lighthearted and fun, with just the odd mention of Marriott to avoid appearing too salesy. The brand has also given each of its influencers a pair of Snapchat spectacles, to create unique and striking images for its brand feed.
    • Revolve: #Revolvearoundtheworld

      This trendy women’s fashion brand has effectively built its business on influencer marketing, after realising early on that expensive magazine editorials weren’t the best (or only) way to reach its target audience. Instead, it hosts regular exotic getaways for top fashion influencers and bloggers, where they relax, have fun and, most importantly, post lots of images on social media. With everyone kitted out in Revolve clothing and using the hashtag #Revolvearoundtheworld, the impact has been impressive. It's #RevolveFestival hashtag at last year’s Coachella Festival was apparently shared over 6,000 times over just one weekend and resulted in over 3 billion impressions.

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