Interview | 30 Jan 2020

AI and EdTech, Interview with Faisal Hamid

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This month we spoke with one of our client members, Faisal Hamid, Director of International Development at Kaligo International. Kaligo is the first digital handwriting exercise book designed to teach students how to write using a stylus and tablet, built on an AI machine learning platform.

Having been nominated for numerous awards and having changed the education of many, we were keen to find out more about Kaligo's goals and achievements whilst also seeing how The Work Crowd's network of freelancers has supported them on this journey.

Kaligo has been a transformative tool in the education space for children, what part of the technology makes it so easy for children to grasp and develop their learning?

Kaligo is based on an AI engine, it's this AI technology that enables Kaligo to not only give instant feedback but also remediate the child's work. Finally it enables to the child to work at their own pace which is crucial in the way children are learning today.

Having recently started working with freelancers on The Work Crowd, what have you found particularly impressive and how do you intend to use freelancers within the company in the future?

We reached out to The Work Crowd when looking for someone to help us with our PR. We were delighted with the ease and speed of the process. Also the quality of the candidates was impressive too. We advertised on Friday and hired by Monday...for a start up that's just what we needed.

What have been particular reflections of Kaligo’s success?

The days of black boards and projectors are long gone. Schools have evolved massively with the introduction of technology from VR and AR to green screens and tablets. But tech for tech sake isn't the way forward. What we have learnt is tech is great if you can show impact and that's what we have tried to do with Kaligo.

You have made a conscious effort in making education for all children an exciting experience, what aspects have you found particularly rewarding?

Because Kaligo allows the students to work at their own pace, by nature its inclusive. When a class are all using Kaligo, the buzz the chatter amongst the kids...its a great place to be.

What are your goals moving forward into this new decade?

We have so much we want to do with Kaligo. But continued support from UK schools is needed first and foremost. We are in development stage for a SEN version of the application with exercises focusing on children with dyslexia and dyspraxia. We are also venturing into the middle east UAE Saudi and Qatar big markets for us. We are also looking at other languages with Arabic, Spanish and Japanese having some interest. Watch this space!

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