Article | 12 Apr 2023

AI & You: Common Freelancer Challenges & How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

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Does a day ever go by where we don't hear, read or think about AI? At the minute, probably not.

Artificial Intelligence has been in use for years in all manner of business functions - from simple operational tasks, to complex problem solving. But in recent months, the tech's capabilities and use have accelerated. Significantly. 

It's estimated that AI adoption has increased to 35% since 2021, and the market could contribute over $15trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Big news for freelancers. But the tech isn't just handy for help with email marketing sequences, or SEO content writing - it can revolutionise how you work too.

So if you've used the tech purely for your clients, or haven't dipped your toes into the pool at all just yet, here are a few ways to use AI to solve some of the most common challenges you face as a freelancer.

Challenge: You struggle to optimise productivity and time management

Need we say more? A huge part of freelancing is managing your time and resources. Knowing when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no' is a learned skill, and you could be losing time prioritising tasks when it feels like they're coming at you left, right, and centre in the first place.

Solution: Use a project and time management app, like Trevor.AI 

Think of it a bit like a personal assistant. Apps like Trevor.AI can help better manage your days by scheduling tasks, jobs and appointments at the optimum time. Block out dedicated focus times for weightier tasks and receive deadline reminders, or notifications when something might be overdue.

There are other options on the market, too. So it's worth shopping around for the right tool for you.

Challenge: You spend hours on client reporting

Data and analytics are a vital part of most freelancers' day to day, but they can also eat up a lot of your core productivity time. From delving deep into spreadsheets and social channel performance, to pulling together charts, graphs and commentary, reporting is as long as a piece of string.

Solution: Use integration tools like Domo

Sourcing the right software really depends on your reporting needs, but tools like Domo can integrate easily into major analytics tools, and help you produce visual reporting with trends and patterns much more simply by pulling insights directly through, and generating the chart or graph you want. 

Word to the wise, think carefully about client objectives before investing in a supportive tool. You can find AI tech that analyses language and sentiment, or facts and figures.

Challenge: You miss important info during client calls

We've all been there. Juggling note-taking and running discovery, project, or proposal calls with your clients can mean you miss out important details, or only get half the facts. Leaving you to either email them after the fact to double check, or worse still, forget about it entirely…

Solution: Use an automised video recording tool and transcription plugin like

If you don't already record calls, it's time to make it a habit. There are a number of plugins to use for automatic video recordings, while will provide you with a transcript of the discussion. Search for certain words or terms to jog your memory, and help avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with clients. also includes time stamps, so you can easily find the right time in the recording.

Just remember to inform attendees you're recording, and request verbal confirmation before all else. If you've signed an NDA or confidentiality agreement, you may need to bake this into your contracts.

Challenge: You sometimes lose creativity and innovation

Independent working has its perks, but keeping a consistent stream of fresh ideas can be a challenge when it's you and only you running the show. Unlike others, you don't work in a team with feedback, collaboration and workshops - so how can you maintain creativity?

Solution: Use ChatGPT for inspiration and fresh motivation

There's really a thousand and one ways to combat feeling lacklustre about your outputs, but AI tools like ChatGPT can provide simple cues or ideas to [re]build your creativity and enhance your work - from creating social content prompts, to supporting with design layout, and even helping with pitches.

Top tip: use it to cultivate your creativity and innovative problem-solving. Asking ChatGPT or other AI tools to do the legwork for you could hinder in your growth in the long-run.

Start of something big.

AI isn't a perfect science yet, and the fact of the matter is, it may never be! But what it does accomplish for freelancers is something new and exciting.

Used for the right reasons at the right time, AI tools can open any number of opportunities for independent workers, providing you with inspiration, tactical delivery, and even a helping hand with the day to day admin of being a freelancer.

So even if you haven't trialled AI for your work yet, it could be time to use it for those behind-the-scenes moments. Making your life a little easier, and your client outputs that more efficient.

Over the next few months, we'll be exploring the potential and impact of AI across the marketing mix - and what it means for businesses and freelancers.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on your experience with the tech, or what you want to read about next, reach out to The Work Crowd team today. We'd love to hear from you.