Article | 02 Feb 2016

Can’t find the PR talent that you need?

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The demand for PR and Communications talent is at an all-time high. According to the ICCO and Holmes Report latest trends, 44% of PR agencies principles cited staff recruitment as this greatest challenge for 2016.

According to Hayes recruitment, in the UK 65% of marketer’s plan to increase headcount over the next 12 months, yet 82% expect there to be a skill shortage. Hiring in today’s economy is tough, the industry is growing on a backdrop of a lack of hiring during the recession years; new skills that previously didn’t exist are now in high demand; the explosion of the high growth tech industries are swallowing up talent, and the rise of the freelance economy as people shun permanent employment for a better work life balance.

At The Work Crowd we are looking at how we can transform the way we work and how businesses find talent, our platform connects companies with the best freelance experts in Marketing, Communications and PR in just a few clicks.

We believe business dreams and growth plans shouldn’t be limited, so we’ve created a better way for companies to seek out and collaborate with the talent they need, when they need them.

Our platform is designed to make finding and collaborating with great freelancers easy and direct.

Why use The Work Crowd?

• Direct access to expert freelancers in marketing and communications

• Cost effective solution, no recruitment fees or unexpected project costs

• On demand, meet your needs today, no notice periods

• You won’t get bombarded with 100’s of CVs

• Just handpicked marketing and communication professionals approved by The Work Crowd team

Stay flexible and build an agile workforce to amplify your brand, pimp your pitch, growth hack your company or grab the media’s attention.

No project is too large or too small

Our freelance experts in marketing and communications can work on small one-off home based projects like writing a blog, running a media campaign, to interim cover or working as an extension of your business full time or offer strategic and mentoring advice/non-executive advice.

PR Toolkit

For free tips on how to do PR and get your business in the press download our PR Toolkit.