Interview | 04 Apr 2018

Connecting freelance talent to every niche

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When you have a niche offering, it can sometimes be a struggle to find that particular person who can illustrate your vision and express your unique voice. 

With a network of over 1600 freelancers, every niche can find the perfect talent to work with on their business goals. Founders like Rob Wachman of Conspicuous, a recruitment agency specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365, are a testament to this.

Conspicuous saw their opportunity back in 2000, to offer a solution to a market whose needs weren’t being served. This smart move has ultimately lead to Conspicuous becoming the most established Dynamics recruitment agency with an unrivaled network of contacts and knowledge.

With even the most successful companies, there is room to grow. Rob, what triggered your need for extra support?

We wanted to grow our marketing department as a whole and move away from a traditional agency model by utilising a team of part-time freelancers. We started with blog creation and as we had a successful response, we wanted to grow on this.

Why seek out the support of freelancers and The Work Crowd in particular?

I am looking for both breadth and depth of knowledge and feel that most agencies cannot deliver this specific requirement. We also do not have the workload to warrant a full-time employee. I was recommended The Work Crowd due to their range of freelancers on the books.

What are you hoping to achieve with freelance support?

Initially I am just looking at blog creation and ideally production of both interesting and informative blogs. From here I will look to increase the presence with targeted ads on Facebook. This is certainly an area I would look to freelancers for advice.

What exciting things can we hope to see in the future of Conspicuous?

From a marketing perspective it is a question of brand promotion and getting clients and candidates to understand that we offer that bit more than our competition. From a company perspective there are ambitious goals to be hit in 2018 and by 2020. We will deliver on these by building on the exceptionally strong base we have across the UK, Europe and USA.


If you're curious about the potential you could achieve with our freelance talent, drop us a line or call us on 0203 828 8440 for a chat about how.