Interview | 01 Aug 2018

Livetree on freelance teams and growth

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It’s an exciting moment when your business makes it through the start-up phase unscathed. However, the next stage presents its own set of challenges.

You can only grow as large as your resources permit and whilst a single freelancer may have been more than sufficient for your marketing and PR in the early days, you’re now ready for more extensive support. You could bring in a PR or marketing agency, or a permanent in-house team, but both these options come with high fees and extra man power. Another more cost-effective option would be to scale your PR and marketing with your own freelance team.

In this month’s client success story, we spoke to Lennard van Otterloo, CMO of Livetree, who has been using a dynamic freelance duo from The Work Crowd to raise awareness of their business expansion.

Read on to find out how it’s working for Livetree and how it might work for your business too.

Tell us about LiveTree’s offering...

LiveTree is a funding and promotion platform for film and TV projects. We are now expanding to manage rights for film and TV productions on the blockchain, making us the world’s first blockchain film & TV rights funding and distribution platform. We also offer a digital channel called Blossom TV.

What business objective arose that you wanted to address prior to coming to The Work Crowd?

The first quarter of 2018 became a crunch time for us as we were selling our ‘Seed’ tokens that underpin the new system. We had to manage marketing agencies across the world, develop copy with a tight turnaround and collect input and sign-off from new business partners as they came on board.

Why did you seek The Work Crowd’s freelance network to solve this problem over more traditional methods of recruitment?

This was an immediate but temporary crunch for us, so we needed an extra marketing resource that knew what they were doing and were able to hit the ground running. The Work Crowd seemed the perfect solution to solve this temporary resourcing issue with highly skilled talent.

You selected Ben and Sarah. What were they able to achieve for you?

Ben and Sarah put a system in place that all the internal and external marketers were able to feed into, view anything outstanding in the pipeline, and solve issues. And they wrote much of the copy too!

“Using The Work Crowd solved a number of short term resource issues in our marketing department while preparing for the launch of our Blossom TV channel. Ben and Sarah were lifesavers!” - Lennard van Otterloo, CMO LiveTree

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