Interview | 06 Aug 2018

From in-house to independent: Annebeth’s story

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Quantifying the impact of PR can be difficult, but when you come across a true PR professional, there is no doubt that they are making an impact. 

Here at The Work Crowd, each month we seek out these individuals to get insight into the secrets to their success and then we pass that knowledge along to you. This month, we interviewed Annebeth, a freelance PR professional. She may have only joined The Work Crowd in the last six months, but she’s already made a big mark on our network. And it’s no surprise considering the start she made in the industry. In Annebeth’s first PR role, she successfully increased coverage figures and interviews 150% and 200%, respectively.

Other highlights of her career include managing media for over 220 journalists across large global summits and securing interviews in leading news outlets such as the Financial Times, New York Times, The Strait Times and Die Welt, to name a few.

Read on for our full interview with Annebeth.

How would you describe your expertise Annebeth? What makes you unique?

I have over seven years of experience in PR & communications across a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, well-established corporates and NGOs, and sectors from cryptocurrency to FinTech, travel and international development. The fact that I have worked across such a variety of businesses and sectors means that I quickly absorb new briefs and have a wide range of knowledge and media contacts. I also pride myself on being responsive and flexible when I work with clients to ensure a great working relationship.

You’ve had a very successful career to date, what's your secret!?

I think it’s all about personalising your approach. When pitching to the media, make sure you research your targets and topics. When working on a strategy, make sure to speak to all the senior stakeholders in the business to ensure the strategy aligns with their vision. Be a reliable source. Read up on your topic and follow the news cycle to ensure you are on top of the right hooks and angles. I think businesses are often surprised to see how their company’s cause or product can become relevant to the news cycle just by thinking outside of the box.

Tell us a little bit about the projects you have worked on through the platform to date?

I have worked with two clients so far through The Work Crowd. One was a one-off job and the other one was over a four months period for which I got rebooked on a couple of projects. The great thing about it was the variety of clients. Even though tasks have been relatively similar, for one of the projects I was working directly with one person, whilst the other project was for one of the world’s largest and most well-known agencies. Coming from in-house roles predominantly has provided me with great insight into working with small and large agencies.

As a PR professional, what is your advice for businesses that want to collaborate with a PR consultant to ensure you can support and achieve their goals?

Have a clear idea in mind of what you want to achieve with PR. There is no need to have clear KPIs in mind, but having a rough understanding of what the company wants to achieve is helpful to manage expectations from the start. This will also allow a company to see whether it makes more sense for them to work with a freelancer or an agency, depending on the size of task and the level of personalisation they’re looking for.  

“I would highly recommend working with The Work Crowd if you are looking for a reliable platform that gives you the ability to browse clients and projects that are relevant to your experience yet cuts across a wide variety of sectors and different type of organisations.

When I started as a freelancer, I landed my first freelance job through The Work Crowd within 1.5 days of joining the platform which allowed me to give up my in-house role and make the plunge.” - Annebeth W. Freelance PR Consultant

If you’re looking for fresh new business or to work with a PR freelancer like Annebeth to maximise your coverage, get in touch!