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Home of Gin joins Network of Freelancers

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Over 500 clients utilise The Work Crowd’s professional freelance network to work with professional freelancers working across PR, Marketing and Comms. We love to get in touch and see what fascinating things they are getting up to.

Emile, engineer behind Gin Foundry, the home of gin, recently hired a freelancer through The Work Crowd. He’s responsible for managing bespoke projects and event organisation, so we wanted to find out how The Work Crowd has made a difference.      

Emile, tell us a bit about Gin Foundry

Gin Foundry is the Home of Gin. We are a hub for those who seek out more information about the spirits they’re drinking; not just how they taste, but how they’re made and by whom. As well as reviews, we share news, insight, interviews and cocktail recipes to keep our readers up to date.

Everything we do is underpinned by a singular driving ethos: to celebrate Gin!

We also run Junipalooza, the Meet the Maker gin festival, happening in London in June and in Melbourne in October and we are very excited to announce a new city for 2018. We will be hosting Junipalooza Hamburg in September!

That sounds very exciting, so what prompted you to utilise freelancers and the The Work Crowd over more traditional forms of recruitment?

We are a consumer facing brand, so PR is an important for the company. We've previously hired an agency to execute our PR campaigns, but have now decided to move to freelance professionals as we feel the experience, focus and personal approach is best suited to our needs.

The Work Crowd clearly stands out as a fantastic website and service to connect with experienced freelancers quickly and efficiently. We really enjoyed how easy it is to chat to freelancers in your network and pick the most relevant applications rather than be pushed to make a choice.

The Gin Foundry are now working with freelance PR director Eddi to help promote Junipalooza. Eddie is an ex agency PR account director and professional journalist writing for national broadsheets, magazines and websites including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, Olive Magazine and, with a wealth of experience  promoting drinks brands and more across local media, broadsheets, tabloids, TV, social and digital media.

What can we expect from the future of Gin Foundry, how will you remain competitive?

Gin Foundry is still growing at a very rapid rate and everything we do must be quality driven so we keep re-investing in our own projects which in turn builds gin brands further and gives back to the end consumer.

If your curious about how other businesses are successfully using The Work Crowd’s freelance network, why not check out how Lafountaine PR, and computer security company Infosaas have done it!  

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