Article | 19 Mar 2015

How to get your story in the news

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On Tuesday I attended an event at Mint Leaf Lounge organised by the TableCrowd about how to tell the story of your start-up. We enjoyed drinks, met other entrepreneurs, and dinner was followed by a talk and informal Q&A with Julian Blake, the editor of TechCityinsider.

How to tell the story of your start up

Julian gave us a great insight on how to tell the story of your start-up. He told us to make sure to have a personal story behind the product. Most of the stories he writes are about founders creating inventions out of necessity, driven by personal experience. He suggested that its best to talk about what motivates you and what makes your business unique; how are you changing the world.

How to get your story in the news

He said that waiting for the right time was important when approaching journalists. This could be when your product is ready to launch or just as you received a new round of funding. He also recommended that it is worth waiting until you have a significant revenue stream because before he writes a story he wants to know that there is a viable business behind it. In the meantime he suggested it helps to build up a relationship with key journalists over coffee or if you do not have the time to do this yourself use a PR agency.


From our experience with talking to start-up business which are cash or time short, they can’t afford the costs associated with a PR agency, and they don’t have the time to cultivate relationships with journalists or the experience of how to approach them effectively.


Our community of freelancers at The Work Crowd are an affordable alternative for start-ups and scale up business that are keen to tell their story in the media but want to remain ‘lean’ and keep their costs down. Our community of freelancers are very experienced professionals that have contacts with journalists who will work on a project basis or day rate, which for many start-ups is a more affordable solution whilst delivering great outcomes.

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