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Industry Insights from Mark Terry-Lush

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Alice Weightman, the CEO and Founder of The Work Crowd, is conducting a series of quick-fire interviews with some of the top professionals in the marketing, public relations, and communications world.

Alice sat down with Mark Terry-Lush, co-founder and MD of The Honey Partnership. The Honey Partnership is a social-led, China-inspired marketing agency. They have a reputation of making super brands while helping them seize opportunities to grow and globalise.

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Although Mark does not accredit his success to one defining moment, he has had a few moments that have led him to where he is today. Not only did Mark work with the Internet Advertising Bureau, he also worked with international ad agencies that expanded his horizons completely. This diverse experience inspired him in incredible ways.

The Honey Partnership is a social-led agency that gets their inspiration and developments from China, who Mark believes are the new innovators of the West. Not only is a large amount of pioneering tech coming through, but social media is also on another level in China. Mark recognises these facts and integrates all of these new developments in his business.

As far as key changes in the industry, Mark sees that “hybrid” employees are incredibly important. He explains, “No longer can we just take people who are classic account directors or account managers who see outreach as kind of the mainstay or other forms of consultancy. We need them to be social in their behaviour from the ground up.”

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