Interview | 01 Nov 2017

Innovative payment banking with Telleroo

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Banking and making payments is one of those necessary chores we all loathe, right? No one wants to spend hours making payments manually each month. Thanks to a new start-up, we may no longer have to.

Telleroo is pushing the boundaries of traditional payment banking, making payment less time consuming and instant, a previously under-served need, especially for the gig economy.

This month we sat down with Michael, CEO & Co-Founder of Telleroo to better understand Telleroo’s offering and how and why they are using freelancers to help build their business.

So tell us about Telleroo?

"Telleroo helps companies to send payments to thousands of recipients in one go. It is the modern alternative to banks to efficiently send bulk payments - faster payments API or frictionless file importer. On average, we are able to save around 210 minutes for our clients per week. That's time they otherwise would have wasted dealing with online banking offerings of incumbent banks."

What prompted you to come to The Work Crowd over using an agency or more traditional methods of recruitment?

"I had heard positive feedback from my network about utilising The Work Crowd’s freelancers and that’s when I decided to give it a go."

What triggered your need for freelance support in the first place?

"I’m a big fan of working with freelancers, particularly given the stage we are at as a company. We’re a start-up, founded in 2016, so we need flexibility and a cost-effective solution. I feel that a lot of start-ups ineffectively use their funds and hire for the sake of hiring, simply because they got massive VC backing. I don't want Tellero to fall under that category. We can be more effective with our time and money than that."

What have you been able to achieve with freelancers through the platform to date?

"We are adding exciting new features to our core mass payments product. And I have been using freelancers to design various landing pages to experiment and test a few ideas."

What's next for Tellero? How will you continue to stay relevant and remain competitive?

"We want to have 100 sizeable companies using us to automate their bank payments. We are looking into open banking and blockchain to stay ahead of the curve. We're building the modern finance interface for businesses in a world of interconnectivity of accounting, banking and core business intelligence. There are exciting times ahead!"

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